ISU Week: Karl Klug Q&A

The Iowa Hawkeyes will square off against their hated instate rival Iowa State this weekend. As you might imagine, the big game was the big talk at this week's press conference day. Karl Klug stepped up to the microphones and shared this thoughts on the game.

Q: What made you choose Iowa over Minnesota?

Karl Klug: Iowa seemed real. The Minnesota coaches seemed fake Iowa just seemed real. (NOTE: Glen Mason and his staff were the coaches at Minnesota recruiting Karl)

Q: What does this rivalry mean to you, not being from Iowa,?

Klug: It means a lot. From all of the games past, it's a huge rivalry. I never understood it until last year, where I experienced the atmosphere and the hatred between the two teams. It rubbed me the wrong way last year. Hopefully we can get the ‘W'

Q: Have you noticed a bigger emphasis on this game this year?

Klug: Yeah. During the summer we had ‘Beat ISU' on the weightlifting cards. We have had more emphasis on this game.

Q: Who was your biggest rival in high school?

Klug: Plainview.

Q: What was your record against them?

Klug: I think we were 3-0.

Q: Do you use those memories when you play in a game like this, that you are not familiar with the rival?

Klug: Before last year, yeah, I related it to a school I hated. Last year when I saw the hatred between the two teams, now I have that to fall back on.

Q: You've talked about that a few times; what sticks out from last year that you think of?

Klug: After the game, their fans were a little chippy….I don't know.

Q: What happened?

Klug: No one said anything, but I was walking down the sidewalk after the game, as I didn't dress out for it. A guy shouldered me. I was wearing a boot, and I was limping along and a guy threw a shoulder into me.

Q: What are you learning from King and Kroul?

Klug: During camp, the hot days, they come to work every day. There is no off day. They are great leaders and that is what I try to take from them.

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