ISU Week: Seth Olsen Q&A

The Iowa Hawkeyes will square off against their hated instate rival Iowa State this weekend. As you might imagine, the big game was the big talk at this week's press conference day. Seth Olsen stepped up to the microphones and answered the questions on Tuesday....

Q: You grew up in Nebraska, what did you know of the Iowa-ISU rivalry?

Seth Olsen: I didn't know much until I got here, but I learned quickly.

Q: Were you surprised at the intensity of this rivalry?

Olsen: No, I know college football, there is a lot of rivalries. It is intense here, with no professional teams. Being the only two major conference teams, that helps.

Q: How has the offensive line been coming together?

Olsen: We have been making progress. It started off in camp trying to figure out who would play well. We have solidified some positions, but there is a long way to go.

Q: How has Bruggeman done?

Olsen: He has been playing well. You like that. It's good to have a guy that knows what is going on that you can trust by your side.

Q: There are two teams from major conferences in this state, compared to where you grew up in Nebraska, there is just one.

Olsen: I think that is what makes it a great rivalry. We are competing for fans, notoriety and all of that stuff. There are a lot of great rivalries in college football. In Iowa, when you come here, it's a big game for both sides.

Q: Did you consider going to Iowa State?

Olsen: I had an offer. They were in my final list of schools, but I felt that Iowa was the school for me…of course, Nebraska for a while too (laughs). Iowa was the place for me. (NOTE: Olsen had originally committed to Frank Solich who was Nebraska's coach at the time)

Q: What stood out to you with Iowa?

Olsen: The people, they stood out to me. That's why I chose to come here.

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