ISU Week: A.J. Edds Q&A

The Iowa Hawkeyes will square off against their hated instate rival Iowa State this weekend. As you might imagine, the big game was the big talk at this week's press conference day. Linebacker A.J. Edds talks about what awaits Iowa this week, as well as what Iowa has gotten from two easy wins...

Q: Is it easy to feel good about yourself after two blowout wins and giving up just three points?

A.J. Edds: We have to keep it in perspective, that as a team there will be ups and downs and the defense has to play to the best of their ability. If it means keeping them out of field goal range, that is what it means. You find a way to do whatever it takes if the offense is sputtering, and there will be times that the offense will carry us.

Q: What do you say to the popular opinion that Iowa doesn't take this game quite as seriously as Iowa State and maybe that is you have lost 7 of 10?

Edds: As a player, as a group, as soon as last year was over, we got together, the leadership group. We wanted to emphasize some things; we wanted to get back to the point of seeing the Iowa name on that trophy. I saw that coach has lost 6 of 9 against ISU. The big thing is we are playing at home, not so much Iowa State. We want to give the fans something to cheer about, play Iowa football.

Q: But we hear a lot from the Iowa camp that it's the same as any other game, we take them one game at a time, etc. Does it get to a point where you say this is our rival, and put more emphasis on it?

Edds: I think we are. This is a rivalry game for us, it's not big secret. We are playing for a trophy. We are in state teams; we recruit a lot of the same guys. It's not secret one way or another, we have to come out and treat it as such and play strong and know they will give us their best shot.

Q: You guys are 2-0, but you haven't been challenged. How much do you look at that going into this week, this is the start of the season that is a challenge?

Edds: It will be our first four quarter game. We have played two teams, credit to them, they are young teams with one new coaching staff and a 1-AA. Iowa State is a good team, they have better athletes, better personnel. They will give us everything they have. It will be a four quarter game, it will not be 42-0, I guarantee that. I wish it were, but rivalry games are not like that. We have to play four quarters and be ready for that.

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