ISU Week: Colin Sandeman Q&A

The Iowa Hawkeyes will square off against their hated instate rival Iowa State this weekend. As you might imagine, the big game was the big talk at this week's press conference day. Colin Sandeman, an Iowa high school product, talks about the big game.

Q: What lets you know that this week is not like any other week?

Colin Sandeman: You can tell the emotion of the fans and players it's a huge game and we need a good week of practice and preparation.

Q: Does the way it ended last year make this one bigger?

Sandeman: Absolutely. After that game, we had such a sour taste in our mouths. We have been looking forward to this game for 360 days. We just need to prepare like we have been doing the past few weeks and get the ball rolling again and get off on the right foot.

Q: Which side of the rivalry did you grow up on?

Sandeman: Definitely Iowa. My dad at one time tried to talk to me about Iowa State, but my mom went to Iowa so she wasn't having that.

Q: Do you have to be careful what you say this week?

Sandeman: A little bit, yeah. We just have to go out, whomever we are playing, it doesn't matter.

Q: Did the coaches talk with you about that?

Sandeman: A little bit. For most of us, we know what is right to say and what you want to here is usually not what we want to say. We know the right things to say, it's not too big of a deal for me.

Q: What do you think we want to hear?

Sandeman: Nice try on that one. I am not going to get baited into anything. The quarterback thing is a huge deal. I think a lot of people have blown it out of proportion. You saw the game, you know what happened. I have nothing to say. It doesn't really matter who is playing, it's still our job to catch the ball.

Q: What have you seen of ISU on tape that sticks out to you compared to a year ago?

Sandeman: I am looking at the defense; I think they are a lot more experienced and faster. They were fast last year, but they have more experience this year. I think they bring a lot to the table, but we have to hit the practice field hard and watch more tape

Q: Do you have any friends there?

Sandeman: I have a couple of friends on the team that I went to camps with. Their punter, Mike Brandtner played in our conference and I know him well. A couple of guys.

Q: Do send Facebook messages to each other?

Sandeman: We are not really that close. I don't know them as friends, I know their names and I have played against a couple of them. Other than that, no.

Q: You are not as outspoken about ISU as your Quad City mate (Julian Vandevelde)

Sandeman: What did he say?

Q: Last year.

Sandeman: Oh yeah. We just have to be prepared. We are more determined this year. We have to take the practice field and watch the game tape, I think we will be ready on Saturday and we have to get off on the right foot

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