Texas PG Nick Russell Visits Iowa

The Iowa basketball team hits the recruiting trail hard this time of year, bringing in prospects for visits during home football weekends. Saturday represented a big day in that process when Texas Point Guard Nick Russell traveled to Iowa City. He watched the shirts and skins game at Carver and then took in the game on the gridiron. He also took a few minutes to speak with HN.

When did you get in?

I got here Thursday night.

What do you think (of the U of I and Iowa City)?

It‘s great. I like it a lot. I like the campus. The coaches are extremely nice. The players are good to be around. It‘s just a great atmosphere.

What are you looking for on this visit?

I really wanted to come and see what the school was about, get an all-around look at it, see what the players were like, facilities and all that type of stuff.

How did you get involved with Iowa?

Just Coach (LaVall) Jordan himself, his demeanor, just being around him. They showed a lot of interest in me from the beginning, from the jump start, so I knew that I needed to come here and visit.

What other schools are you interested in?

At this point, I‘m still looking at Iowa, UCLA, Duke, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Arkansas and Colorado State.

Do you have offers from all of them?

Yes, except Duke.

How tough of a decision is this going to be and do you have a time frame for when you want to make it?

It‘s pretty tough. I don‘t have a time frame. I‘ll make my decision when it feels right at the right time, but I can‘t put a time on it.

And you don‘t have a problem leaving home to go to college?

No I don‘t.

Do you think you‘ll take all of your visits?

I think that I will take all five.

And this is your first official?

My first visit, right.

What do you think of the campus?

I saw all of it. It‘s nice. The learning center was extremely nice. That was great. It‘s a beautiful campus. I like it a lot.

What‘s Iowa selling you on in terms of you coming in here? What are their plans for you?

From a basketball standpoint?

Yes, basketball wise.

I would say just me coming in as a freshman and getting good minutes and just being around good guys.

Are you a point guard?


Are you a true point guard? There are a lot of hybrids at the position these days.

I would say that I‘m a true point guard; as true as it gets.

Have you seen how the point guard operates in this offense?


Does that cater to your skills?

Yes, sir.

Did you know much about this coaching staff before they got involved with you?

No, I didn‘t. Honestly, I did not know.

You saw what they did at Butler?

I saw them at Butler a couple of times, but when they got here and started talking to me, I started paying more attention.

Are you going to the football game today?

Yes I am.

Did you try to get out of Texas before the storm came in? I know it didn‘t hit where you‘re from, but it probably messed with flights.

It‘s not close to me. It‘s there. No, I didn‘t. It was just time.

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