Rob Report: Iowa State Senior Writer Rob Howe checks in with his weekly notebook from Saturday's 17-5 victory by Iowa against rival Iowa State. In this edition, there's a dressed list, an injury report, new son a position change and more.

All-Dress Up: Iowa players in uniform for Iowa State -

QB - Stanzi, Christsensen, Vandenburg, Wienke

RB - Hampton, Robinson, Murphy, Greene, Leppert, Morse, Oberland,

WR - DJK, Chaney, Sandeman, Paine, Brodell, Evans, Kuchel, McNutt, Nordmann,

TE - Griggs, Reisner, Moeaki, Myers, Furlong, Herman,

OL - Olsen, Calloway, Bruggeman, Eubanks, Bulaga, Postler, Meade, Aeschlimen, Zusevics, McMillan, Ferentz, Doering, Kuempel, Vandervelde, Haganmann, Gettis

DL - King, Kroul, Narinskiy, Geary, Ballard, Clayborn, Mahmens, Binns, Daniel, Blum, Bigach, Daniels, Gaglione, Klug, Moses

LB - Tillison, Staten, Coleman, Edds, Davis, Nielsen, Angerer, Semmes, Hunter, Johnson, McGrath,

DB - Bernstine, Spievey, Fletcher, Sash, Shaun Prater, Swanson, Morrow, Greenwood, Herbst, Castillo, Cato, Dalton, Lowe, Conklin, Gardner, Rowell,

Special Teams - Schulze, Donahue, Guthrie, Mossbrucker, Murphy,

Injury Report: Tight end Michael Sabers, linebacker Jeff Tarpinian and offensive lineman Dan Doering all missed their third game of the season with injury.

Doering was the only one of the three to dress. He wore a big cast on his left hand, and Ferentz said that his junior was having trouble pass blocking with it on.

Tony Moeaki and Trey Stross saw their first action of the season, but neither saw extended reps or was a big factor in the game's outcome. Moeaki collided with an ISU defender and left with a head injury. Ferentz didn't believe it was serious.

Tyler Sash went to the locker room with a foot injury, but returned later in the game. Brent Greenwood dislocated his finger, but had it popped back in place and he returned to action.

Karl Klug, the reigning Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week, injured himself early in the game on special teams and did not return. Ferentz said that he was dinged up.

Tough Luck: When Iowa took a safety late in the fourth quarter, it helped Iowa State cover the 13 ½ betting spread set by Las Vegas.

"That's somebody else's problem," Ferentz said. "That's the furthest thing from my mind. We were just trying to get the win and do it in the smartest possible fashion."

McNutt on Move?: Third-string quarterback Marvin McNutt went through pre-game warm-ups catching passes with the wide receivers.

"We started fooling around with him on Sunday at that position," Ferentz said. "I'm not sure if we have it in ink yet, but I think he did some good things.

"The way we look at it, we've been happy with him at QB, but we have two guys we feel pretty good about. I've said this before, he's one of the most exceptional guys on our team, I think he has a tremendous attitude, great work ethic, and if we can find a way for him to make contributions other than just signaling plays in, that's a great deal. I think he's enthused about it. We'll have a bit of an experiment to see how it goes."

Ferentz said that McNutt also would remain the third-string quarterback and didn't have plans to use one of his true freshmen in that role.


-Mitch King was the first one over to grab the Cy-Hawk trophy from the ISU sidelines. The only problem was that there were 10 seconds left on the clock. The senior thought it had run out.

-Pat Angerer started his first career game, opening up at middle linebacker.

-Iowa used a three tight end set for a short yardage play in the first half. Stanzi ended up hitting Reisner on a 37-yard completion.

-Broderick Binns played very well in a reserve role on Saturday. The young defensive end took it to Bates on the ISU quarterback's first series and set the tone for the game. Bates carried three times for two yards.

He tried to scramble wide late in the first half when Clayborn flushed him out anad Sash finished him off.

-Greene ran for 100 yards in his third game in a row, but he also did a nice job picking up the blitz. He gave Stanzi time to complete a pass to Brodell early in the second quarter.

-Iowa State was moving the ball and had a third and short midway through the second quarter, when Ballard came through and hurried Arnaud.

-Troy Johnson won't show up in a lot of stories or box scores, but his pass breakup was huge.

-Christensen audibled to a run play on Iowa's first touchdown drive, setting up Green for a 20-yard run to the ISU five. DJK blocked two guys in the play.

-When Greene took it into the end zone a few plays later, Seth Olsen delivered a wonderful block pulling to the left.

True freshmen Shaun Prater broke up two passes, including one in the end zone late in the game.

-When Christensen warmed up to go into the game, Ed Hinkel caught the passes.

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