Stanzi Talks About QB Rotation...Again

Sophomore quarterback Rick Stanzi was peppered with questions on Saturday regarding his performance against Iowa State. He had to answer a few more on Tuesday at Iowa's weekly press conference session and once again, he was very forthcoming with his answers...

Q: What do you expect to see from Pitt?

Rick Stanzi: We still have a lot of film to look at. We expect to see a tough defense, I know that. They are tough players, they have speed and some great players. We expect a hard fought battle, we know they will be physical. We have to come ready to play.

Q: You and Jake are roommates…do you have a system where the starter gets to choose what you watch on TV?

Stanzi: (Laughs) No, that is not the plan. There is none of that. We don't have any ritual thing.

Q: Do you feel like you got pulled Saturday during the 7th inning of a shaky start?

Stanzi: I got pulled because I wasn't getting the job done, it was obvious and anyone could see it. When you are not getting the job done, someone else will and you have to live with it. If I am not performing, all I am doing is hurting the team and that is not good. We are trying to win, and fortunately we did. Jake got the job done. He did a great job coming in and leading the team.

Q: What do you need to do to stay in there?

Stanzi: Probably keeping my poise and composure as a quarterback. I lost that a little bit on Saturday, at times. I kind of let some easy plays slip, those ones that you see on film and you wonder what you were thinking. At the time it doesn't seem like that. The best thing to do is watch film, correct those mistakes during the week and have a better game last Saturday.

Q: Has that ever happened to you before? You said on Saturday that you felt helpless at times.

Stanzi: There were times in high school, but noting the level that it was Saturday. This is college, not the same as high school. There are more people, it's a different platform. Nothing that I can recall. It's a new challenge, I am excited to improve and I am not worried about it. I have moved on and I am excited to get going in practice.

Q: Do you think it will be healthy to go through a season where if things aren't going right, you might get the tap on the shoulder and come out of the game?

Stanzi: It has you looking over your shoulder a little bit. You know that if you start playing bad, not only can everyone see it and they know someone else can come in and do it. It's tough. It can go both ways. It can be bad or make you play better. For me, it's not a big deal. I don't like to think about it because it will take away from the game. I am sure I could play under these circumstances. I don't see it as a problem.

Q: Could you be the guy in relief, could you fill that role?

Stanzi: It is different. You kind of play the role of a hero a little bit more, and you come in and are expected to win the game if things are not going right. That can be a challenge, too. Either way you look at it, it's a challenge. What it comes down to is going out there and playing, and there are no excuses. Being a college athlete, we all know as a team that we are playing football on Saturday and we have to do that and there is no excuse for not performing out there.

Q: Do you feel like a pitcher?

Stanzi: Not really. I never really pitched. I played baseball when I was little, in 8th grade. I wasn't much of a baseball guy. I never really relate anything to pitching.

Q: Did coach tap you on the arm and say we are putting Jake in?

Stanzi: If you are not playing good, then a change needs to be made. I could sense it was coming. I know that. After I threw that second pick, I sort of knew that.

Q: Talk about that last throw (interception); what you were thinking when you threw it?

Stanzi: You look at it on film and wonder what were you thinking. But that happens. I have done it before and I am sure it will happen again. You are going to throw interceptions as a quarterback . You prepare not to, but it does happen. You don't want them be mental errors when you are staring a receiver down, something simple. If you have to throw one, you want it to be making a play, not a mental mistake that you practice all week and come out Saturday and blow it. That is the worst way to throw one, if there is such a thing.

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