Brodell is Back

Senior wide receiver Andy Brodell is nearing the one year anniversary of his hamstring tearing off of his bone. Just don't expect him to go out and celebrate the anniversary. He will reserve his celebrations in the endzone, if he has anything to say about it...

Q: Do you feel that your return on Saturday validated you in a way, that you are back?

Andy Brodell: Maybe that is how people will look at it. I felt the first game of the season that I was back. To me, on Saturday it doesn't matter how many passes I catch or touchdowns, as long as I can contribute to wins is big. Maybe this validates it to some people but to me, I knew I could make plays and that was just the first one.

Q: Has the injury, and the dealing with it, made you a stronger player?

Brodell: I think so. Being a fifth year guy, I am a smarter player as I have been around long enough. There is not a lot that confuses me about the x's and o's of football. I have had a long career, and anytime you have an injury, it humbles you a bit and you take things for granted a little bit. It was a long road back. Now that I am back, I feel great.

Q: You guys are 3-0; how are things different this year than last year?

Brodell: I just feel like we are closer as a unit. The biggest thing in the first three games, all three phases were working. Our offense wasn't the greatest this past week, but it was good the first few weeks. The defense and special teams have been good all year. We have been balanced and we are healthy now and going into the fourth game, it's a good spot to be in. We can't be any better than 3-0. We can't worry about the past.

Q: Being an upperclassmen, what can you do to help make sure the young guys stay focused on the road?

Brodell: It is difficult, especially for the really young guys that this is their first road trip. The biggest thing is trying to get them to focus on preparation and focus on the game itself. Going into a hostile environment is different, no matter where it is. It is hard to win on the road. Making sure that they focus on preparation this week and not only that, but preparing once you get to the hotel. It's different, its out of the ordinary. We have had three home games back to back to back. It will be interesting to see how we respond ot that.

Q: Whose decision was it to give Coach Ferentz the game ball on Saturday?

Brodell: Rob Bruggeman is the one that stood up and gave it to him. I hadn't heard anything about so I think he instigated it. I think it goes without saying that all of us seniors agreed that was a good idea. We were just happy. We got the win as a team but we were happy to get that win for Coach Ferentz. The series hasn't been kind to him, and it was a big win and a good moment in the locker room

Q: How did he react?

Brodell: He was happy with it. I think he realizes how much his players care for him and how in a lot of ways we feel guilty for not standing up when we needed to at times, especially for guys off the field. I think we have indicated to him and I think to the outside world that we have grown as a team and are looking out for one another and hopefully have success on the field and keep guys out of trouble off the field.

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