Vandervelde 'OK' With Guard Rotation

Julian Vandervelde and Rafael Eubanks have been splitting time at left guard for Iowa this season, something that doesn't seem to bother Vandervelde. He talks about that rotation, the 'other' rotation that Iowa has been using this year...

Q: Some of the young guys have not had that road experience. What do you do to help them understand its still just a 100 yard field?

Julian Vandervelde: It's true and that is all you have to do. When you get older and have more experience you get more of a tunnel vision of the field. The fans are not there as much, the field is the only thing that matters. I remember going to Penn State last year and being blown away by the size of their stadium, the intensity of the fans and everything. It's something that you really have to prepare for, especially as a young guy going into an environment like that. It's tough to make that switch from home to away

Q: In September it gets tougher each week, Maine, FIU, ISU, Pitt on the road and then Big Ten…is that what you look towards each week, what is the next challenge?

Vandervelde: Kind of. We don't look at the season as one big thing, we look at each game individually. We do notice that as we go along, it does get more intense and more difficult. I think that is the way that its supposed to be. It makes preparing tough each week. We have to build each week and never relax and look back, keep moving forward.

Q: Sort of like life?

Vandervelde: Yes, it is like life. The further you go the harder you work to keep it

Q: There has been a lot of attention on the QB rotation that its taken attention away from you and Rafael. How is that working out?

Vandervelde: It is working out great. We like the rotation, getting in there fresh each time. We help each other on the sidelines, giving each other advice as to what we see. It's a good situation. It's not something that either of us feels negatively about. We are trying to turn this from that to an advantage for both of us.

Q: He has played more than you in total but you have played more guard than he has. How does that work out

Vandervelde: It works out well. He has played more so I can feed off of his experience, and I have played more guard so he can play off of my technique and look a little bit, the things that I am seeing that he maybe might not see at center. That is something we can take and turn into an advantage relying on each other's strengths.

Q: How he handled it, as he was a two year starter?

Vandervelde: I think he has handled it real well. You never see him down, he always smiles and picks guys up and is a leader on this team. For a guy in his situation, he has handled it well and I think he will continue to do so.

Q: Have you guys been going every other series?

Vandervelde: Yes, that is how it's been. If there is a three and out we will leave that guy in for more playing time, but we have been alternating series keeping each other fresh.

Q: How do you approach this thing week to week? Do you feel like it will stay this way, and are you still trying to win the job

Vandervelde: You are always trying to win the job, that is a part of what makes us a good tandem. Neither one of us wants to be the #2 guy, so we are constantly pushing each other to win that spot. At the same time, there is no animosity. We are trying to help each other because we are more concerned about th best guy out there than ourselves out there.

Q: Do you think about three or four games down the road, wondering if the rotation will continue and how do you mentally deal with it?

Vandervelde: A little bit, but not as much as you might think. More than anything, its an opportunity to improve based on what the other person sees. There are certain things the other will see that the other will not, and that will make us each better. Day to day, we will assume it will be the same until they tell us differently. It's not a distraction

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