Edds Talks Formations, Celebrations

The Iowa defense has been pretty cut and dried throughout the Norm Parker era; stop the run and bend but don't break. That formula has worked quite well. This year, Iowa may have more playmakers prepared to get into a game than they have in Parker's 10 years in Iowa City. AJ Edds talked about that and more...

Q: What happened with regards to giving Coach Ferentz a game ball?

A.J. Edds: The seniors as a group and Rob presented it to him. But it was seniors coming together. Everything that we have gone through as a team, not necessarily us, but the state of Iowa has been through a lot and coach. He has put a lot of pressure on himself. Coach wanted to see things go well and get the trophy back here at home last week and that was big. It was a big win and we were all happy. It was big at the time and something that seemed like the right thing to do and coach really appreciated it.

Q: How did coach react when you gave him the ball?

Edds: It as an emotional locker room across the board, because of all we have put into getting the ship righted off the field and on the field. Making plays that we didn't make last year in similar situations. It was big for us as a team to win that kind of game, and for coach to see us lay it all out there it was emotional. When the seniors decided to give him the ball, he appreciated it and I imagine he will hold on to that for a while. He was happy.

Q: You guys were running a lot of different defensive schemes on Saturday.

Edds: We have a lot of guys that can do a lot of things. That is good. A lot of guys that specialize in certain areas and that makes it easy. You have some guys that play the run well but not as effective in the pass. So they will be in during running situations. If you have guys that can cover better, then you will put them in. That is the good thing about having so many guys; you can move them in and out. But you have to be able to play football. 3rd and 12 doesn't always mean throw, so you have to play both ways. But it is good to have that depth and guys that can make plays out there, and to shuffle bodies in and out.

Q: Do you have more personnel groups than last year?

Edds: I think so. At this point at least. By the end of the season, we will have some more stuff that we can put in as needed. I know that three games in, we do.

Q: What was that look in the redzone, so many defensive backs were in there?

Edds: There was one; I don't know what it is called. Some of the stuff we use once per week. It was down there, on the goal line, we had a bunch of DB's in there and maybe there was no linebacker or just one. I was out of the game getting some air. They had all of those wideouts in there and no running back. One of the safeties was playing over the ball. Situations like that, taking away what they do well, anyone we play, trying to capitalize on what we think we do well and how we can combat what they do well.

Q: What group was it with Troy Johnson in there?

Edds: That was just a substitution. I think that coach saw Hunter getting gassed, and looked to get him some rest and Troy made a play.

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