UpClose: CB Corey Reddick

The Hawks gained one of their more significant commitments of the recruiting season last week in CB Corey Reddick. HTO.com caught up with Corey to get all the information behind his decision as he awaits his arrival to Iowa City in January.

Tell me how your commitment occurred and the reaction given to you by the coaches?

Corey Reddick: I was sitting down, having a conversation with Coach Ferentz at his house. He was asking me a few questions about my decision, and then just asked me what it would take for me to be a Hawkeye? I just told him to make sure he takes care of me. He then got up and gave me a hug. I went in to tell all the other coaches, and they were all very excited.

What were the determining factors in the decision you made?

Corey Reddick: Iowa is a good place to stay, have fun, and go to school. When I arrived, I had no idea Iowa City would be what it was as I just imagined cornfields. Coach (Phil) Parker, my position coach, was very upfront and honest. I bonded well with all of the coaches. It was their honesty that won me over.

How did you sense honesty among the Iowa coaches over other coaching staffs?

Corey Reddick: When I first got there and had my first meeting with Coach Parker, he took no time in being honest. He told me he was going to whip my tail in practice and make sure I worked hard every day. He said I had experience over other backs so there was a good chance I could make an impact. We went over plays, and he made sure to let me know I have to earn everything I want."

Had previous recruiting experiences helped you out in gaining an opinion of Iowa's coaching staff?

Corey Reddick: I'd say I really got to know more about the recruiting experience from hosting recruits here at Garden City. During the recruiting process, the coaches only worry is to make you happy, and then it can always change once you arrive on campus. I've seen it done before here so the way the Iowa coaching staff acted around me showed me a whole different side.

Was your former high school friend and current Hawkeye WR CJ Jones a big factor in your decision?

Corey Reddick: Basically, he told me it was my decision to make. He informed me that he has had no negatives at Iowa, and its been good to him. He said he'd back me 100% with whatever decision I reached.

What will be your goals of accomplishment in your next two and a half years at Iowa?

Corey Reddick: I want to get another conference championship, and then take it to the next level. I know the coaches have even higher expecations than I, but I want to win the national championship. I have not won one yet on any level, and I'd like to start at Iowa.

At only 5'9 155, how much of an importance will it be for you to get bigger this spring?

Corey Reddick: It will most definitely be one of my and the coaches main concerns. I spoke with their strength coach (Chris Doyle), and he told me he'd be doing everything he could in helping me work hard and eat right daily to put on some weight. I think it'll work-out pretty well as I know they have one of the best strength programs in the country.

One last question, will you still be making your visit to Kansas State on December 13th with teammate and KSU commit CB Cedric Williams?

Corey Reddick: I'm still going to make my visit. The KSU coaches told me they still wanted me to visit, despite the commitment, and I will go to check things out. I believe it'll help assure me of my plans to attend Iowa as I know it'll take a lot from Kansas State to change my mind.

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