Iowa Bowl Scenario

Just when you thought you had Iowa's bowl fortune figured out, USC hammered Notre Dame in a behind the woodshed beating on Saturday night. That game changed the bowl picture as 10-2 USC leapfrogged 11-1 Iowa in the BCS ratings, causing some pundits to suggest that the BCS remove the ‘C' from their acronym. What does this mean for Iowa? Will Iowa be in a BCS bowl game? I called Iowa AD Bob Bowlsby to sort out the confusion. Articulate, as ever, Bob was quick to respond with the answers.

Have you looked through your closet recently? Do you have any Don Johnson "Miami Vice" clothes? If not, you had better check the after Christmas sales in Florida department stores as the Hawks may be headed to the Orange Bowl in Miami!

That is the opinion of University of Iowa Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby. I called Bob Monday for help in sorting out all the different bowl scenarios. "The Miami-Virginia Tech and the Washington State-UCLA game both have major implications for Iowa" said Bowlsby.

"This is how the field lays out, Bob said:

1. If Miami wins and Washington State wins, The Orange Bowl has first pick and will take the Hawks. The Rose Bowl, picking next due to Ohio State #2, will be prohibited from taking USC, as the BCS does not allow rematches. Therefore, the Rose Bowl would take the Oklahoma/Colorado winner. Since the Orange Bowl does not want Florida State, they would work a deal with the Sugar Bowl creating a match-up in New Orleans of Florida State and the Georgia-Arkansas winner. That would mean that Iowa would play USC in the Orange Bowl.
2. If Miami wins and UCLA wins, USC would be the Pac Ten team in the Rose Bowl. Their opponent would be the Iowa Hawkeyes, as the Orange Bowl would select Notre Dame.
3. If Virginia Tech wins and Washington State wins, Ohio State would be #1 so the Rose Bowl would have first pick. The Rose Bowl would select Iowa to play Washington State in a traditional Big Ten-Pac Ten pairing.
4. If Virginia Tech and UCLA win, The Rose Bowl has first pick and would select Iowa to play USC in Pasadena.

Therefore, Iowa will not get shut out of the BCS bowl games. In three out of the four scenarios Iowa will play USC, while they would play Washington State in the other.

However, If Miami and Georgia both lose and Iowa surpasses USC in the BCS rating next week, then the Hawks would be playing Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl for the national championship.

The moral of this story is don't book your airfare until Sunday, December 7th. Also, look in the closet for some Miami Vice threads.

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