NW Pregame: A.J. Edds Q&A

For A.J. Edds, and several of his Iowa teammates, Saturday marks the start of a new season. The pre-conference is finished and it's on to eight straight games against Big Ten competition. The road will not be easy in any one of those games...

Q: How hard is it to read an offense like Northwestern's?

A.J. Edds: You have to be quick, but you can't play too fast. Trying to play too fast and get overanxious and not make plays or reads, which is a big thing. Playing the defense, not trying to do too much. That is when things go wrong and you have a bust.

Q: How confident are you going into this game vs a spread given your early success against similar offenses this year?

Edds: I think we get our confidence more so from the practices we have, not so much the past weeks. ISU had a spread offense, Maine, FIU…they are all different, even though they are spreads. I think we get our confidence from the way we get ready during the week. We are confident knowing we can defend the spread and our defense, but we have to go out and have a good week of practice, prepare for what we think we will see, from the past years too and get ready.

Q: What is your reaction to Chic Ejiasi being announced the player development director?

Edds: I think he is a perfect fit for it. He is a personable guy, we respect him a lot. He is young enough that he is in tune, but not young enough to not have respect. He is just like one of the coaches on staff, but he is young enough…he graduated four or five years ago. He knows what is going on. He has a good feel for this town and how things work and he will be a good fit.

Q: Are spread offenses becoming easier to defense because you have seen them more often?

Edds: I don't know if it's easier, but what we see in them is more consistent. It's easier to tell what a team will do, what their strengths and weaknesses are, but it's never easy. If you think that against anyone, you will give them a lane and there is a 70 yard touchdown. We can't get comfortable thinking this will be another game to go out and defend. This will be as dynamic an offense as we will see. We have to play a great game, not juset a good game, to be in it at the end.

Q: Last year against Northwestern, that was the first time Adrian and Christian saw a lot of playing time. Will that be important for them in this game this year?

Edds: It's more so going into the season, not so much so for this game. They had snaps last year in a Big Ten game on the road, and that can carry over. At this point now, we are 1/3 of the way through the year, I think the big thing is they have confidence in what they have done this year, not so much what they did last year against this same team. They know what they can do.

Q: Is the first game of Big Ten play truly the start of a new season?

Edds: I think it is. The season is two segments, the non conference and the conference. It depends who you talk to, but I think it does start a new season, because you are 0-0 in league play and they are all conference games from here on out. I think its important to start quick, and it will be a new start. It is hard to bounce back from an 0-1 start in conference.

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