Catholic League DT Set to Visit Iowa This Weekend

Iowa is once again branching out, this time near the "Big Apple." An ongoing theme of coaching connections for the Hawkeyes once again helped deliver the discovery of this catholic league defensive tackle. Could the Hawks soon be on their way to their first defensive line commit?

George Eshareturi isn't the your typical prospect in mind when thinking of coming from the Bronx. However, the 6'3 290 DT from Mount Saint Michael Academy in the Catholic High School Football League of Metropolitan New York, may not be a kid on the streets, but still has that toughnosed knickerbocker style.

"George is a physical player who can run sideline to sideline," Mount St. Michael Head Coach Mario Valentini stated. "He has exactly what coaches look for in defenses today with how well he can run for his size."

George currently has offers from Iowa and Hofstra, plus is receiving strong interest from Central Florida and Buffalo. With the Hawkeyes on the verge of the school's great season ever, it is hard for anyone to believe the Hawks would be accepting a marginal prospect, so why are most of the Big East powers not calling?

"I wait to see how a kid develops his senior season before really pushing him to schools," Coach Valentini added. "A lot of schools just haven't heard much on George nor taken the time to follow up on him. I know that he has what it takes for that level so Iowa has definitely done itself a favor in coming on early."

Even though there may not be a whole lot of attention at this time, could more schools be on the verge of recruiting George?

"This evening we have our Catholic League college night where coaches get the chance to meet with all the prospects. Then, we have our league all-star game the following evening so many coaches should be in attendance the next few days. I expect some of the local schools will start to take notice of George."

It seems only fitting that while Iowa is playing some of the best football on the field they continually do their best in doing more homework than most schools. Most coaching staffs seem to relax a bit after success hits, but this coaching staff is different. It has shown how they can find a prospect so far away whom has yet to receive any serious major conference interest.

Even more fitting is that once again a coaching connection for the Hawkeyes helped deliver the name of Eshareturi.

"I received a call from Iowa during the middle of the season after they had received film. Evidently, they viewed George on film and liked what they saw. A local Divison three coach had informed Iowa that George is a player they should look into. Iowa is recruiting George as a defensive tackle currently, but has also has capabilities to play on the offensive line."

According to Coach Valentini, George has earned the necessary qualifying SAT score, but will have to continue to finish well in his course requirements at Mount Saint Michael. Judging by the school's reputation, George should have no problem in preparing himself for the school of his choice.

Also, when asked of George's stats this evening, Coach Valentini was not reluctant to honestly state he did know them. However, there is good reason behind that in a school were the word "team" is stressed. That is a very similar concept to what has been stressed and shown in the 2002 Iowa Hawkeyes.

"We stress team concept to our players. We do not keep track of stats, although I'll likely go back through film and compile them for George since I know many will ask. George has been a guy that many of his teammates have looked upon and been a team leader. However, we wanted to keep him modest and striving for better play, and he also seemed to respond."

Had the recruitment of George Eshareturi taken place two years ago, many Hawk fans may have come to an early conclusion the Hawks were reaching. However, as shown with this season's success, this staff does not take players they feel may not fit into their system. Certainly, Hawk fans should hope for a good visit this weekend as many schools jump onto the bandwagon of Eshareturi. While he may be praising the gospel tomorrow morning at Mount Saint Michael Academy, could he soon be praising the word HAWKEYE.

For a tenative list of visitors this weekend, which will continually be updated, CLICK HERE. This list report includes some possibilities for names to be added, and explanations for why some names were dropped.

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