Transcript: Cody Larson Commits

Newest Iowa basketball commitment Cody Larson talked about his choice when he visited Iowa City on Saturday. Read all about it in this premium transcript.

What made you commit today?

I really felt positive about my visit earlier today or when I came in here the first time (earlier this football season). I just thought it was the right fit.

What did it come down to? Last time I talked to you it seemed like you wanted to wait a bit.

You know I really felt like the coaches were sincere. I liked the coaches a lot. I wanted to go to a place where I could fit in and play. I knew it was the right fit right away. I think it was a good decision.

What did it come down to ultimately, though? Is it comfort?

Oh, yeah, comfort with the coaches and the players. It‘s pretty close to home so everything works out pretty good.

When did you decide; kind of figured it out?

Well, when the coaches came up…they came up a couple of times. They just showed that they were really interested. And I really liked it here. Like last week, me and my coachers were talking and I decided it was a good decision to come here.

What was coach Lickliter‘s reaction?

He was excited. He didn‘t know I was coming, so when he saw me he was excited.

What other schools were you considering?

We were going to go to Gonzaga in really early November. Nebraska was coming after me pretty good. There were a couple of other schools. But I‘m only a junior, so I have next year, too. There could be more. I‘m not sure.

Are you familiar with the system that coach tries to run?

Oh yeah, they showed me the last time I was up here. I‘m pretty familiar with it now.

Does it feel good to have it over with now?

Oh yeah, it‘s a relief. It‘s a big weight off my chest right now.

Are your folks pretty happy?

Yeah, my folks are excited.

It looks like you have a big crowd with you here. Is this the kind of entourage that you travel with?

This is my family; my aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters.

What did they think about you being a Hawkeye?

They all support me. They all support me 100 percent on this decision. They‘re all happy I‘m going to be a Hawkeye.

What do you think when you‘re thinking about being an Iowa Hawkeye?

I don‘t even really know what to say. I‘m really excited about it.

Talk about your AAU coach; the role that he played.

He helped me a lot. He taught me everything. He went through this stuff my Mike Miller and Joe Krabenhoft, so he knows what he‘s doing. I just took a lot of advice from him. He was a big part of my recruitment.

Did you talk to Joe about making this decision?

I texted him after my visit here. He was really excited for me. He said that it was a very good school. I should be proud of my decision. So, he was excited.

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