Rob Report: Northwestern Senior Writer Rob Howe checks in with news and notes from the press box. In this edition, he includes a dressed list, an injury report and various notes from the action. Read it here.

All-Dress Up: Iowa players in uniform for Northwestern -

QB - Stanzi, Vandenberg, McNutt, Weinke, Christensen,

RB - McLaughlin, Jayme Murphy, Leppert, Hampton, Morse, Oberland, Spading, Robinson, Greene, Brinson, Mungungo

WR - Sandeman, Brodell, Stross, Paine, DJK, Evans, Staggs, Nordmann, Steinbrecher, Kuchel,

TE - Reisner, Griggs, Myers, Peterson, Moeaki, Sabers, Spading, Herman, Gimm

OL - Calloway, Kuempel, Aeschliman, Olsen, Eubanks, McMillan, Reiff, Doering, Haganmann, Gettis, Koeppel, Detweiler, Zusevics, Bruggeman, Vandervelde, Ferentz

DL - Hundertmark, Nardo, Blum, Binns, Geary, Daniels, Clayborn, Ballard, Semmes, Bigach, Mahmens, Narinskiy, Daniel, Klug, Kroul, King

LB - Davis, Edds, Angerer, Hunter, Tarpinian, Coleman, Tyler Nielsen, McGrath, Johnson, Tillison

DB - Spievey, Cato, Swanson, Greenwood, Morrow, Rowell, Prater, Fletcher, Dalton, Bernstine, Gardner, Conklin, Herbst, Nick Nielsen, Lowe, Castillo,

Special Teams - Murray, Mossbrucker, Donahue, Schulze, Nick Murphy, Guthrie

INJURY REPORT: Shonn Greene left the game in early the fourth quarter after getting hit high-low and fumbling. The junior did not return. After the game, he said that he had blacked out. The trainers gave him a concussion test on the sidelines.

Starting strong safety Tyler Sash (shoulder) and No. 2 RB Paki O'Meara did not dress for the first time this season.

Outside linebacker Jeff Tarpinian (hamstring) and tight end Michael Sabers (ankle) dressed for the time this season. Tarpinian saw action on special teams and came in for a series at linebacker to start the second half.

Fullback Brett Morse, who missed last week with an ankle injury, came back this week but played a limited role.

Eubanks missed the game due to effects from a concussion suffered a few weeks ago in practice. His rotation partner at LG, Vandervelde, said he expected Eubanks back at practice this week. It was Vandervelde's first start of the season.


-Iowa turned the ball over five times for the first time since the 2006 game at Minnesota.

-Spievey started the game at kick returner in place of DJK, who ended up dropping back deep twice later in the game. There was speculation that Ferentz was unhappy with the way that DJK dressed for Tuesday's press conference, but the coach said that Spievey had been doing well in practice. DJK wore large sunglasses and a hat during the press conference earlier in the week.

-Iowa burned a timeout early in the game because it got caught with 12 men on the field. Hunter was running off but couldn't get to the sideline fast enough.

-Former Hawkeyes Dallas Clark, Brian Ferentz and Ed Hinkel watched the game from the sideline.

-Northwestern was prepared for the Hawkeyes' dime coverage early in the game, getting isolation with a receiver covered by Angerer. The Wildcats converted a third and long the first time and grabbed another first down shortly after that.

-Fletcher made a great play creating an interception for Hunter. The cornerback blanketed the Wildcat receiver before sticking his arm in at the last minute to deflect the ball up in the air for Hunter.

-Reiff dressed for his first game this season and worked out with the offensive linemen during the pregame warm-ups.

-After Greene looked gassed late in last week's loss to Pittsburgh, the Iowa coaches inserted Hampton into the game on the third offensive series. The true freshman carried five times for a 11 yards.

-Bowl reps from the groups in Orlando and Tempe were in town to watch the game.

-DJK and Spievey both cut in front of Hampton to grab the ball on kickoffs. The second one resulted in a fumble by Spievey and Hampton was visibly upset when he returned to the sideline, showing his frustration in an exchange with O'Keefe.

-Official Robert Davis was knocked down hard by Iowa linebacker Coleman and had to be replaced.

-Northwestern Kicker Amado Villarreal had been 8 for 8 on field goal attempts coming into Saturday before having one blocked and missing another in three tries.

-DJK didn't haul in a catch until early third quarter.

-Iowa TEs Myers and Moeaki combined for just three catches for 24 yards.

-The Hawkeyes were guilty of two straight holding penalties late in the third quarter while driving into opponent territory. Calloway was the first culprit, costing the team on a third and long. Morse followed with a hold but it was declined.

-Dalton got his bell rung late in the third quarter and was replaced by Cato. Dalton did return.

-Iowa played almost the entire second half in a 3-4 alignment on defense.

-Prater was called for a helmet-to-helmet hit on play that would have put Northwestern in a fourth-and-short position before the Wildcats final touchdown.

Reisner was called for pass interference late in the game on a pass play that would have been a first down to Brodell.

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