MSU Week: Trey Stross Q&A

Iowa wide receiver Trey Stross spent much of last season battling a hamstring injury. Hamstring problems began to bother Trey again this fall. Stross talked about how the approach to getting him healthy has been different this year and how he feels 100 percent...

Q: How has the season been going for you thus far? It seems like you are healthy now.

Trey Stross: Yeah. I think we handled the situation better this year. Last year I tried going in when I started to feel a little better and had setbacks. I was feeling better early in the year this year, and they slowly worked me in and last week was full go. I was happy with the results. I felt really quick and fast and it showed on film. I am really happy and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

Q: It seems like Coach Ferentz thinks the offense is playing better now than at any time last year.

Stross: I think we are definitely a lot better this year than last year. You look at having five turnovers and we still had a chance to win the game. You saw how explosive we could be at the end of the game moving the ball. The passing game is there, the running game we all know about that. Our offense is definitely better than last year, now we have to execute when it counts.

Q: That is a pretty good attitude considering you guys have been nosed out the past two weeks.

Stross: We have a lot of experience. We are building on each week. It's a matter of time, and we have to keep working at it and not get down.

Q: Coach talked about the improved blocking at wide receiver.

Stross: It's great. Brodell has been doing it since he got here. Derrell has made some big blocks this season. I am doing my part. It will help Shonn, and we need to make sure that we finish plays.

Q: Last week after the Pitt game, Coach said there was a lot of work to be done in the passing game. What strides were made in practice?

Stross: The more practice we have together, settling the quarterback thing and getting extra work, getting things clicking it will get better. We saw that from Pitt to Northwestern. We still had a chance to win last week.

Q: What did you guys emphasize after the Pitt game going into last week?

Stross: I really don't remember. That was two weeks ago. I am focused on Michigan State. Execution is our main focus right now. The plays are all there, we just have to execute. The last game, the last six plays, those were two inches on each one…to DJK, to Myers, to Brodell, it was always two inches.

Q: Do you feel like the offense is taking enough shots downfield?

Stross: The running game we are using is working. It will open up the pass, and that is why play action is there. You have to honor the run with Shonn. That will open things up, and our pass game can help Shonn. Downfield shots, you don't have to take a lot of them. 167 yard chunks at a time changes field position and that is the name of the game.

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