MSU Week: Bryan Bulaga Q&A

Bryan Bulaga is Iowa's left tackle, and now Iowa has a right handed quarterback under center. That means Bulaga is now responsible for protecting the blind side. He talked about that on Tuesday and more leading up to Iowa's game at Michigan State

Q: Iowa and Michigan State appear to be similar. Is this a game where you look forward to trading blows?

Bryan Bulaga: Definitely. We were looking at Northwestern last week too, they come at you. I think every team in the Big Ten will come at you. They will want to hit you in the mouth. As an offensive line, you like that.

Q: Is that a macho thing?

Bulaga: Macho thing? I don't think so, but it's pride.

Q: How far along do you think you are from last year?

Bulaga: I think I am farther along. Considering I was at a different position last year, I think I have progressed each game. I have done well and bad. It is learning from every game and getting that experience under belt.

Q: Blocking for a good running back has to be fun.

Bulaga: Blocking for Shonn is great. He runs hard, he hits the holes hard. You get a sense of pride when he is rushing for over 100 yards a game. He is doing a great job and it shows we are doing something right. There is a sense of pride.

Q: What about protecting the QB?

Bulaga: I felt we have done a fairly good job with that. We have had some breakdowns, everyone can see that. But I think we are progressing from last year at this point. We are making some strides, but we can get better.

Q: Saturday, there is going to be a lot of beef on that field.

Bulaga: Yeah, they have some big guys on that team. They are a Big Ten team, they have big offensive linemen and defensive linemen.

Q: Have you seen Ringer?

Bulaga: I have seen him on Sportscenter. He is a great back and he runs hard, too. He finishes plays.

Q: Is he the same or different than Shonn?

Bulaga: I can't say I could compare their two styles. I don't know if they are different or alike. I know they are both good backs. They have been helping their teams this year.

Q: Is tackle a more natural position for you?

Bulaga: I like it more. I feel like it's more natural for me to play. I like the open space.

Q: Do you like pulling?

Bulaga: I haven't pulled much this year. If I had to I could. I don't mind pulling around out there.

Q: Have things changed with Rick being in there? He is right handed and now you protect his blind side.

Bulaga: I don't think much has changed, no matter who is back there. If I get beat, the quarterback will still get sacked. It just happens to be his blind side. You have to protect the quarterback no matter what.

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