Shane Dibona Visits Iowa

Shane Dibona made his second trip to Iowa City this past weekend and this time, he brought his parents along with him. Dibona, a player Iowa is looking at to play fullback, is a 6-2, 220 pound athlete. Iowa is his first and only offer to date. Read his account of his recruiting visit to Iowa City and his plans for the future...

Q: Take us through some of the aspects of your visit.

Shane Dibona: We flew up there Friday morning and my parents and I took the tour around campus, to the learning center and then over to the football facilities. I had been to Iowa in March, and this trip was more so that my parents could see what it was like. On Saturday, we went to the game and met with the coaches and then flew back on Sunday.

Q: What were your parents focused on?

Dibona: Well, obviously they wanted to see what the academic facilities and programs were like and how everything tied together between that and football. They really liked what they heard and what they saw.

Q: Did you see anything this time around that you hadn't seen before?

Dibona: Not really, as I took a similar tour in March with my high school coach. This time around, we got a chance to go into Kinnick to see a game, and be around the facilities with the team in ‘game day' mode, which was great.

Q: Did you get downtown to take in the Homecoming festivities?

Dibona: Yes, we did. That was one of the reasons why we wanted to get here early on Friday. We went down and saw the parade and all of the other stuff that was going on. It was all unbelievable

Q: Where do you sit right now with your recruitment?

Dibona: I am hearing from Colorado, Boston College, UConn, a few others. I am in the process of sending out some senior film to all of the schools. Right now, Iowa is my only scholarship offer. Some schools, like B.C., have told me they will get back to me after they have a chance to review my tape. .

Q: Where has Iowa told you they see you playing?

Dibona: Fullback. Iowa is the only school that is interested in me as a fullback. I play tailback and defensive end for my high school team right now, but some of the other schools are looking at me as a linebacker. I am 6-2, 220 right now.

Q: Do you have a preference as to what position you want to play?

Dibona: I would like to stay on the offensive side of the ball if I could. I just seem to like that better.

Q: When are you planning on making a decision?

Dibona: After I hear back from everyone. I may take some more visits, but I don't have any planned right now.

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