MSU Postgame: Stanzi Blames Himself

Rick Stanzi committed three turnovers in the first half, which certainly factored into Iowa's 16-13 loss at Michigan State. But the Hawkeyes had their chances after that, in part thanks to Stanzi. Read what he had to say following Iowa's third straight loss....

Q: You guys were fourth and inches down there by the red zone….

Rick Stanzi: That is not a factor if I am not turning the ball over three times, those things hurt us. We were moving down the first possession, and I fumble on the quarterback sneak. That is hard to keep the momentum going. The defense did a great job all day long. There were opportunities for us and I missed a lot of those, and turnovers. It's hard to come back when you turn it over three times.

Q: What happened on that last running play with Greene?

Stanzi: A guy broke through the line; that stuff happens. It didn't work out the way we want it to. 4th and 1 is not as easy as it looks. It's a tough play, you have to swallow that.

Q: Describe your frustration with these loses.

Stanzi: It's very frustrating. Turnovers. We were in the red zone and I turned it over twice. Then I rolled out and a guy got me from behind and that gave them field position. That swings momentum. It's mistakes that you can't have. You can't do that to beat a Big Ten team, they are tough kids.

Q: On your fumble on the sneak, did someone get a helmet on you?

Stanzi: I am not sure what hit me. Someone did and it popped out. I have to protect the ball better.

Q: Did you have any choices at line of scrimmage on the last play?

Stanzi: No. We had a play we thought would work and we went with it. Our running game has been doing a great job. The line was opening up holes very well and Shonn was running well, and was making people miss. We thought we had them on something. It didn't work out for us. We will have to correct that.

Q: What will be the difference for this team?

Stanzi: We have to finish. We can't be in the red zone with chances to score and turn the ball over. You can't give them great field position on a turnover. Turnovers are the thing the past two weeks. A lot of those go to me, which isn't good and I will try to correct those careless mistakes. I need to hold onto the ball and take better care of it, be aware of where I am on the field. I need to be more careful in the red zone with interceptions. We have to come out of there with points.

Q: What happened on your interception?

Stanzi: I was trying to go to Shonn, there was a guy behind him and I put it out too far in front of him and it came back to bite me. I wish I had that one back, but we will have to fight through it. There are 60 minutes and you can't just play 30

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