Indiana Pregame: A.J. Edds Q&A

A.J. Edds might have been tongue in cheek when he said Iowa is the best 3-3 team in the nation. But he has not lost his confidence in himself, or his teammates. Read what he had to say at Tuesday's media session...

Q: Do you take anything positive away with the way you have played this year, but are still 3-3?

A.J. Edds: I think we are the best 3-3 team in the nation. We are close, and that is a big thing. It's not that we are frustrated, if anything its motivating because we are so close. We have done a lot of things well, just not enough. We need to keep working and keep getting better at the things we are not doing as well. The potential is there to be a good team and there is still a lot of football yet. We haven't written it off yet. Hopefully at the end of the season we will be in good shape.

Q: Some teams might not be as confident as you seem with the record you have.

Edds: I think our confidence is in good shape. There are some teams that don't feel that way. Look at the way we have lost. We have lost to good teams, first of all, and we have played them close. We have played good football and haven't had enough plays towards the end of the games. It's refreshing at least, we are close and we can get over that hump down the stretch.

Q: Are you tired of talking about moral victories?

Edds: Yes, I think so. At the end of the season a loss is a loss and a win is a win. We have to get it done and not talk about what if's. Not play well and lose them at the end.

Q: Talk about Indiana quarterback Kellen Lewis.

Edds: He is the most versatile and mobile quarterback that we have seen or will see. He is a smaller tailback back there that can throw pretty well. He is a dynamic player, a great player for them. He is their offense. He is a good quarterback. We have to be ready for them. He has beaten us the last couple of years, not on his own, but he has done a lot to beat us. He will be running around looking to make plays with his feet too

Q: Do you give any thoughts to putting a spy on him?

Edds: We might do something like that, I don't know. That is a question for the coaches. I am sure we will have a good plan. We have to execute that. We have done a good job of that so far, doing what the coaches have asked of us. We need to keep doing that and know we will have to make more plays this week against a good quarterback and offense.

Q: What will be the difference this week to put you over the hump?

Edds: I think the big thing is making those plays. We had them in third and long last year, and they found a way to make more plays than we did. We need to do what we can do first of all, and not get caught up in other things. What we can control, and executing the defense and make some plays.

Q: Did James Hardy have anything to do with that (former Indiana receiver that caught 20 passes for 400 yards against Iowa the last three years, now in the NFL)?

Edds: I think it does. There were times last year, against everyone, if there was pressure he would put one up for Hardy to make a play and to his credit, he did that. You can't blame them for doing that. He was a big part of their offense last year, but they have good guys this year. They are not James Hardy good, but they are more than able to make plays. We know that we can't rely on him being gone to help us, we have to play our own defense and make our own luck.

Q: In your career, has there been any other games that are more of a must win than this one seems to be?

Edds: I don't know, not to this point. This is the halfway point of the year. This is a pretty big one. 0-3 in the league, you are pretty much out of the race. 0-2 is pretty tough, looking at the league this year. But 0-3, the race is over. You are playing to win games but you are out of the conference picture then. That is the same thing they are looking at. They are 0-2 right now. They are saying the same things over there. They are looking to get a win, and it would be big for them. We know that both teams are looking to go out there and play 60 minutes and hopefully we will be on top in the end.

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