Tyler Gabbert Talks Recruiting, Iowa

Tyler Gabbert is a Class of 2010 quarterback prospect from the state of Missouri. He has been through the recruiting process before, as an observer. His brother Blaine (also a quarterback) committed to Nebraska last year, but Bill Callahan was fired. Blaine then committed to Mizzou where he is redshirting. Tyler talks about the recruiting process, Iowa and more in this update...

Q: What have you been up to with regards to recruiting?

Tyler Gabbert: Well, we have our high school season underway, and I am also trying to focus some time on recruiting. I am talking with schools and taking some visits. I went to the Iowa-Northwestern game, and it was a real cool atmosphere. Obviously, I have been down to Missouri to watch my brother and I was at the Mizzou-Nebraska game as a far. That was a fun time.

Q: What schools are making the most contact with you right now?

Gabbert: I am talking to a lot of schools actually. Iowa and Nebraska have offered me scholarships, so I am obviously hearing a lot from both of those schools. I am hearing from some far away schools like Stanford, Cal and Rutgers. I am also hearing from Tennessee, Missouri and other schools around the nation.

Q: You were able to watch your brother go through the recruiting process. What did you take away from his experience?

Gabbert: Just to keep your options open and make smart decisions. You can't lead people on and you need to follow what is best for you and not judge too quickly. I think just taking the time to evaluate every aspect of every schools is very important.

Q: You had been to Iowa before, was anything different about this visit?

Gabbert: This was the first time I had been up there for a game. The atmosphere was just awesome; the fans are crazy and they were out tailgating at like 4am. There were cars everywhere. The stadium environment was awesome and the fans were really loud and into the game. It is a great place that has a great tradition.

Q: Do you have any more visits planned for the next few weeks?

Gabbert: Not right now. I might try to go back to Nebraska. My season is in full swing right ow and I will be focusing on that and see how things go after that is over with. We are off to a 5-1 start, which is pretty good.

Q: How have things been going for you, specifically.

Gabbert: I think I am completing 70% of my passes, and I have thrown for around 1,200 yards, 14 touchdowns and two interceptions.

Q: Do you have a timeline in mind with regards to your decision? I know your signing day is almost 18 months away.

Gabbert: I will see where the process takes me. I would like to have a decision made before the start of my senior year next fall so that I can focus on playing next year, and put the recruiting process behind me. But I want to make sure it's the best situation for me.

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