Post Indy: Rick Stanzi Q&A

Rick Stanzi had committed five turnovers of the course of Iowa's last two games, both of them close Big Ten losses. This week, the Hawks didn't turn the ball over at all and put up over 40 points against a Big Ten opponent for the first time in two years. Stanzi talked about that and more after the game.

Q: Talk about the play of Jewell Hampton today.

Rick Stanzi: He did a great job. There were holes there and he was hitting them real hard. He did a great job in that 4th quarter of keeping our offense on the field, not letting their spread get back out there and have a chance to do some things.

Q: Is Andy Brodell a security blanket for you?

Stanzi: He runs great routes. He makes it easy for me to put the ball in a place where he can make plays. He did a great job on the wheel route, as that was a poorly thrown ball and he went and got it. That is all him. He fights hard each game; he will play hurt or whatever.

Q: How nice is to be smiling here after a road win?

Stanzi: Great. The past few weeks, coming back from a road game, heads down, I wouldn't say our spirit was broken, but we were upset with the way things had turned out in the end for us. This time, we were able to be happy and have something to build on.

Q: There were some good offensive statistics today, but the best one is no turnovers.

Stanzi: Right. That is the big one. We have had problems with that the past few weeks. It was nice to eliminate that today.

Q: It looks like you settled down as the game went on, but were you over hyped in the first half?

Stanzi: Definitely, I was more focused in the second half. I need to let the game come to me instead of doing too much like I did in the first half. The offensive line did a great job in both halves. They were there the entire game. They were the reason we moved the ball.

Q: How did this team keep things together during the losing streak?

Stanzi: I think it's a credit to the character of our team. The coaching staff and the way they talk to us about things, where we need to be and where we can be and our capabilities. We all believe in each other. We are tight knit. There is nothing we don't think we can overcome and we responded today.

Q: Was there an emphasis at halftime to come out swinging in the third quarter? How big was that?

Stanzi: Very big. We have been there before, up a touchdown at the half. We let one slide away. This week we did a good job of finishing and attacking with an entirely different attitude.

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