Post Indy: Andy Brodell Q&A

Andy Brodell is off to a very solid start for his senior Big Ten season; he has three hundred yards receiving and three touchdowns. Most importantly to Brodell and his teammates, Iowa snapped a three-game losing streak on Saturday.

Q: Does it feel good to break that losing streak?

Andy Brodell: Yes. We feel like the last three weeks we have done a lot of positives but not the little things you need to win. We don't feel like we have been beaten yet this year, and we feel good about where we are headed. This will turn things around

Q: Talk about your first touchdown catch.

Brodell: A great pass by Rick. Something we saw that mgith be open, a great play call and pass. I did my part to get open, but you have to have someone to get you the ball

Q: It looked like Jewell was having fun out there.

Brodell: He looked like he was having a good time, and when you have holes like that any running back would love it. He did a great job and that shows how deep we are there and that is good.

Q: How big was not having any turnovers?

Brodell: Obviously that is a big thing. We feel pretty good about our offense. We feel like if we can protect the ball we will put points on the board and we have been in that position all year, but we have been turning it over. It's good to come out of a game without any turnovers and hopefully we can build on that

Q: Talk about the touchdowns in the third quarter.

Brodell: That is a big spot there. You come out, especially on the road in the Big Ten. You have to match their intensity and we were able to do that. That was big, trying to get up on them right out of the chute in the third quarter.

Q: How important was it for this team to get a win?

Brodell: It was very important. We have said all along we don't think we have been beaten, but we have three losses. Regardless of how close the games have been, the bottom line is they were losses. So its really good to get a win and we have been building and it paid off this week.

Q: Do you think the team could have sustained another loss today?

Brodell: Hard to say. That would have been pretty difficult. If we had been turning it over again and not improving that would have been hard to take. The bottom line is we got a win and can continue to build each week and come out with the same intensity next week against Wisconsin.

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