UI MBB Media Day: Transcript - Player Quotes

Iowa held its annual men's basketball media day on Monday. You can read a collection of player quotes from the event right here.

So. Guard, Jeff Petersen

On pressures from last season

"It's a very long season, everyone on this team loves to win, and when you don't win, it makes the season feel even longer. At times my confidence would get down a little bit. I'm just very grateful for last year because it did help me learn a lot about situations. You just have to persevere through these things, and grind it out."

"Things aren't going to go your way all the time. And that's just not basketball, that's life. I think it's a great learning experience to get over those things, it really shows what kind of person you are."

On how past helped dealing with failure

"With all the situations, it helps you a lot. I'm glad I went through it. So I'm here to show the younger guys when we are having a tough practice or a tough game, or we lose a tough one. It's a long season, just keep your head up, and it will get better."

Fr. Forward, Andrew Brommer On teammates and staff

"They all have taken me underneath their wing and helped me out and given me pointers."

On teammate Anthony Tucker

"A lot of stuff, he has picked up the defense really well. He's a lights out shooter, knows court awareness both offensively and defensively. He's a really good teammate and a great player."

On coaching staff

"I like them a lot. I like where their heads are at, where they are coming from with the team concept. Just working hard each and every day to help us improve daily. "

Fr. Forward, Aaron Fuller

On Lickliter's system

"It was the wanting of players, not just wanting people that play one specific position. He wants players that can play multiple positions and do multiple things, and that kind of sounded like me. I thought I could do that, and so that really drew me to come here."

Jr. Guard, Jermain Davis

On moving the three-point line

"It's going to help my game a lot, because I'm more of a slasher in a way, and opening the floor up makes more lanes to drive to the basket."

On team fit

"I feel like I have learned a lot from junior college. I've learned how to calm myself down for big games, and I played in front of pretty big crowds and I feel like I can bring a different type of environment because I think junior college players are hungrier."

Preseason feelings

"It's been good. I think going to Kirkwood really prepared me for the defense; we do a lot of defense. Coach really teaches his defense and defense wins championships. It's right up my alley. Defense is exactly what I like to do, I don't like the other person to score on me, I take it very personally."

Fr. Guard, Anthony Tucker

On what adjustments need to be made through transition to college

"Playing low to the ground, I play too straight up and that is going to be an adjustment for me. It's something I definitely need to focus on."

On comfort level at guard

"I feel comfortable because I have done it before but it is going to be tougher, obviously, playing there in the Big Ten, but I am getting used to it."

On being well rounded

"I'm trying to get to that point. I'd say right now that is my obvious strength, shooting threes, but I'm trying to get to the point where I am more well-rounded."

On areas to improve

"I think probably ball handling, just getting tighter with the ball, and just getting all the way to the basket."

"I'm getting more comfortable learning our defensive systems and schemes. There is a lot to learn and not a lot of time, but it's a process everyday and I think I'm doing alright."

Fr. Guard, Matt Gatens

On transition from high school to college basketball

"It's going real well. Our coaches have made it a very easy adjustment and the players and the older guys have just been great. It has been a lot of fun getting to know everybody. I was around last year and pretty much knew all of the older guys, but there are a lot of fresh faces with seven of us coming and we have a great team chemistry on and off the court."

"I've always looked at myself as a team player, even in high school. They may have counted on me to score more points but it has always been a team effort. On the defensive end, that's where the team focus just takes over and here we concentrate almost totally on defense right now and it's been a lot of fun."

On finally putting on Iowa uniform

"It's the second time I've gotten to put it on, with our poster picture. It is a little surreal. It's been a dream my whole life to put the uniform on and I think that first practice will be another step along the way and the first time walking out of the tunnel for a game will be a big shock to me. It's something I've been thinking about almost since the day I was born so it will be a lot of fun."

Jr. Guard Devan Bawinkle

On settling in to Iowa

"It's been really nice. Actually, that part has been really easy because of the team, you automatically have friends, and the team is getting along really well and that kind of sets the pace for everything else."

On where he fits into the team

"I think I'll be used primary as a 2 guard and I think what they expect out of me is just to knock down shots."

On what playing at other college-level programs has taught him

"I think just the focus and the intensity that has to go into it. The games are really serious and you have to go into the game with the mentality of winning and that is all you can be focused on. You have to take practices very seriously but at the same time if you have a bad game or a bad practice you can't let it carry on into the next day. You just have to just take one day at a time and everyday is a new day."

On Iowa's basketball system

"As far as defense, we play a lot of team defense and we talk about getting through screens and things like that. But it is very vocal, as far as team defense and then the offense is a lot of screens and a lot of rolls and it is a team basketball game. The one thing we are is a team and we're not going to have just one guy come out on the court and just throw up a shot. Everyone is going to touch the ball and we're going to go out as a team."

So. Forward, Jarryd Cole

What's going to be the key for this team?

"Just playing together, five guys on the court doing what we do best. We have a system that we know works, we've proved it works and now we have to be more consistent."

Is there a confidence factor knowing it's your second year in this system?

"It should play more natural. We have some experienced guys that should help. We're all really vocal and the new guys are all picking it up really well too so we should gel real well together this season.

What do you think about the expectations that have been placed upon you as a leader?

"I don't look at it as an expectation. We're all really leaders on the court and we all bring just as many things to the table so I'm just trying to contribute whatever I can. That's how we like to keep it, nobody is on top and everyone contributes."

So. Guard, Jake Kelly

How did you get better in the off season?

"Every day I worked on the things that the coaches wanted me to work on. Basically, the fundamentals of the game and just getting stronger."

How has your loss of your mother impacted your season?

"The season is very important to me and just knowing that she's not going to be there is big. Every day I go out there I play for her and play for my family."

What does this team need to improve on most from last year to this year?

"Just being a team. This year we need to be a unit, one team out there. If everybody buys into the system and what the coaches are saying, we'll make huge strides this season. We have real team chemistry this year and everyone is really unselfish on the court."

Sr. Forward, Cyrus Tate

What does it mean to play the captain role your senior season?

"I just try to lead by example and that's all I can do. So far, everyone is responding well to it so I just need to keep up, stay humble, accept criticism and just keep moving forward."

Do you sense everyone feels more comfortable in their second year with Coach Lickliter?

"I feel a lot more comfortable. We don't have that pressure of having a new coach. We're expecting great things. Workouts have been going real smooth. What more can you ask for? It's less stress for us. It should be good for me and it should be good for our team."

"We had a players-only meeting with the guys yesterday and we made list of things: team goals, things we need to do to be better and things we expect from each other. I think the meeting went really well and everybody is up for the challenge and ready to step up and win games."

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