Post UW: Shonn Greene Q&A

Shonn Greene ran for 217 yards on 25 carries and scored four touchdowns on Saturday to lead Iowa to a 38-16 romp over Wisconsin that wasn't really as close as the final score would indicate. Greene deflected praise afterwords, which is his style...

Q: Talk about your day today.

Shonn Greene: First of all, I want to say great job to the offensive line. They did an incredible job. They set the tone at the start of the game and took it to the end of the game. I give all the props to them.

Q: Take me through that first touchdown, was it speed, or juking?

Greene: That was determination. Our receivers were blocking downfield, and I saw the end zone and I wanted to get there. That was determination

Q: Did you know you had over 200 yards?

Greene: Yeah. My teammates were telling me, so I knew

Q: How does it feel to be over 1,000 for the season?

Greene: It feels great. The offensive line got me that.

Q: Did you ever imagine two months ago that you would have this kind of impact?

Greene: I didn't know what was going to happen. I wanted to get back here on the team. Having this success so far, everything is good.

Q: Is every week a chance to prove yourself to the national media?

Greene: I think it's good to showcase things for the team. Everyone on the team, we want to show people that when we don't turn the ball over, we have a great team.

Q: How feel about being thrown into Heisman conversations?

Greene: I don't know about all that. I don't like to talk about stuff like that; we still have game to plays. That is focusing on the individual, we are about the team over here.

Q: Wisconsin is known as a physical team. Where do they rank?

Greene: They are a great team. But they surprised me. I think they played hard, but our offensive line dominated today. It was a physical game somewhat, but I thought it was going to be harder than that. They are a great team and did a good job

Q: Is this offense building?

Greene: Yeah, we are getting better each week. That is our job, to improve and we are getting better

Q: You showed some speed on that 52 yard run.

Greene: It was wide open and I had no choice but to run fast. (laughs)

Q: Will the bye week help you?

Greene: It's going to help the whole team. We have a few guys banged up. That will get everyone back to 100 percent

Q: Does it feel like this offense is taking the next step?

Greene: I think we have our foot on the pedal and are going through the schedule and showcasing what we can do. We are not turning the ball over, limiting penalties, and doing a great job.

Q: Do you prefer to juke people or to run over them?

Greene: It just comes. I don't decide in my mind what I will do; my body just does what it does. I try to read holes and after that, whatever happens.

Q: How sore are you after games?

Greene: The usual. It's a football game, you get hit and you are sore. Nothing too bad. I am sore Sunday and after that, it's OK.

Q: You guys don't run too many sweeps but you had one today.

Greene: That was a play we put in this week for this game. We got some blockers out front, the crack back on the defensive end and the linebacker

Q: Usually the team that is doing well running has a running back that sees the field and sees the hole; are you doing that?

Greene: Any running back, you want to read your keys. The offensive line makes that easier for me and the other backs. Jewell or Paki, they could have had the same type of day. The holes were there and the line was pushing their line back.

Q: Are you getting used to the spotlight?

Greene: I don't like it (laughs)

Q: Too much attention on you?

Greene: Yes, too much. I just want to play football.

Q: Talk about the draw play; it was a perfect call into a blitz and Myers kicked some #%$.

Greene: We caught them off guard. We were running zones a lot, and they hadn't seen the draw. It was clean, picked up the blitz and it was over.

Q: Did you guys run the draw and the toss sweep to mix things up?

Greene: Yeah, they were not used to seeing that. Zone play, zone play, then sweep.

Q: You had a lot of help out there on the sweep.

Greene: Yeah, we had a lot of blockers on that play and it was executed very well.

Q: The first drive of the game really set the tone.

Greene: Yeah, that is what we want to do each game on the first drive, set the tone for the entire team, offense and defense.

Q: Have we seen the best from this team?

Greene: We are trying to get better, each week. We want to improve. Coach always says, we can improve in a lot of areas and I am sure that will be the case tomorrow.

Q: You say you want to get better every week, but how do you top 217 yards and four touchdowns?

Greene: 317 yards and five touchdowns (laughs). We want to keep hammering away.

Q: Two years ago, you were here, Wisconsin beat you and took the trophy. How satisfying is it to win today?

Greene: It is very satisfying. We need to win all of our games here on out. That is our goal. This game meant a lot for us. We wanted to get the win. It was a huge game for us. Wisconsin was coming off of some losses, we figured they would be coming here with something to prove.

Q: Reflect on the day that the coaches asked you to move to safety preparing for the Alamo Bowl.

Greene: Yes. It was during bowl practice. I was fresh off of surgery. They needed some guys back there, and coach talked to me and I didn't mind it. It didn't work out that well.

Q: Did you talk to them about going back to offense?

Greene: The coaches came to me, and I said sure, whatever.

Q: You don't like the spotlight, but you will be getting Heisman mentions.

Greene: I will let Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso talk about that stuff.

Q: Are you worthy of that attention?

Greene: I think my offensive line is. I think they are worthy of it. Our entire offense, as a matter of fact.

Q: Beating Indiana badly is one thing, but were you surprised with how you beat Wisconsin today?

Greene: It was for me a little bit. They are a great team, I take nothing away from them. But I think we executed pretty well and kept our foot on the pedal and went downhill form there.

Q: Do you look back on how close this team is to being 8-0?

Greene: I do that a lot, I try not to but it's hard. Looking at the teams that are undefeated….that is the past, we have to move forward.

Q: What is your reaction to your stat line today?

Greene: My reaction was that I knew the offensive line did a great job to do that. Not just the running game, Rick did a good job of controlling the offense, the receivers caught some balls out there on some naked's and stuff like that.

Q: Did Glenn Mason provide you extra motivation?

Greene: Who?

Q: Glenn Mason, the Big Ten Network commentator that didn't think you guys could run today.

Greene: He was a coach right? I don't think he should be a broadcaster. (laughs) He said it, and we came out and got the job done.

Q: How nice is it to do this, compared to last spring not on the team and being away?

Greene: I don't think you can paint the picture any better. It's a blessing to be back here. I give all the thanks to the coaching staff, and my grandma. She helped me through this stuff.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to people wondering if you will be back next year?

Greene: I hear it here and there and I try to block it out. Along with the Heisman. You don't want to start thinking about that with this year not being done.

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