Post UW: Rick Stanzi Q&A

Rick Stanzi was 11 of 18 on Saturday and threw one touchdown. While his statistics were not 'eye poppers', he managed a solid game and did not commit any turnovers for the second straight game. Read what he had to say following the win.

Q: How can this team get better?

Rick Stanzi: Just improve wherever we can, whatever it may be. Passing game, recognizing defense. There is always something to improve on in film and go in there and fix it.

Q: What are your thoughts on Shonn?

Stanzi: Pretty much the same thing you see each week. He runs hard, he finds holes, the line is doing a great job of opening things up for us. Give the ball to him and let him go. He does a great job finding the hole and making people miss and getting the extra yards.

Q: He seemed to make people miss today, is that a new wrinkle in his game?

Stanzi: Possibly. During practice, he is not running people over, luckily for the scout team. Whatever he needs to do in the game, he will do. It shows that the secondary has to think about him, will he run you over or juke you? He is very versatile.

Q: Two straight weeks that the offense has put up good points and has been efficient. Does this week validate last week?

Stanzi: Yeah. I guess, we are not really trying to prove anything. Our main goal as an offense is to execute. We are focused on improving each week, and if we go out there and execute our plays and go 100 percent and let the defense play hard like they always do, and the special teams come in, we will be alright.

Q: How do you improve on third down conversions?

Stanzi: Try to make third downs shorter, I guess. You don't want third and real long.

Q: Is it a luxury for you as a young quarterback to have Shonn back there?

Stanzi: It's great. Anytime for any quarterback, if you have a running back like that that can get 8 or 9 yards a pop, it takes a lot of pressure off the passing game and makes the secondary respect the run and opens up the play action game.

Q: Talk about the offensive line.

Stanzi: It all starts up front. They have been doing great every week. Not only run blocking, but pass protecting when they had to, they are very versatile and can do a lot of different things. They are a bunch of big guys, they are positive, they are our leaders on offense.

Q: What are your thoughts on the bye week?

Stanzi: It's nice. We haven't had one of these in a while. It's a different schedule, so it will be good for us. It's nice to get a week off. It won't be a total week off, but some relaxation, get our legs back and get ready for the rest of the year.

Q: What did you think when Seth Olsen wasn't going to be in there?

Stanzi: We thought we would be fine, next man in. Coach always talks about that, being ready to play. Seth is a great player and a better leader. He was there today making sure everyone was staying positive. You don't want to see a guy go down, but we have good people in there.

Q: Talk about that pass play to Reisner for the score.

Stanzi: It was a play action, I am trying to roll out and give him a manageable ball. That was all him. I just put it out there and it wasn't an accurate throw and he made a great catch. The move he put on was impressive, too. He was determined to get in the endzone.

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