Post UW: Rob Bruggeman Q&A

Rob Bruggeman has been receiving a lot of praise from Kirk Ferentz this year, and deservedly so. Bruggeman turned in another solid performance on Saturday in Iowa's win over Wisconsin, a game where Shonn Greene tallied 217 yards. Read what Rob had to say...

Q: Was that a new play, the sweep?

Rob Bruggeman: Yes, it was a new one this week. It worked out well. It was something we game planned for them and it was a good play for us.

Q: Shonn goes out of his way to talk about the line. Is that how he is?

Bruggeman: He is a good guy. He is an amazing runner, and a great guy. The way he plays football, he is quiet and he gets more excited when he runs someone over than he does when he scores. He is tough, and he keeps his nose down.

Q: Were you surprised by his speed on his long TD run?

Bruggeman: No. I wasn't surprised at all. I think some people were, we were joking on the sidelines, now people know. He is a fast, fast kid and he is big.

Q: Will he be back next year?

Bruggeman: I can't say that. I don't know the answer.

Q: Does the fact we are asking about that say how far this team has come since the start of the year?

Bruggeman: More of where the running game was at the end of last year. We worked hard and we take pride in that as an offensive line. We are moving the ball down the field. 217 isn't bad. He is a good runner.

Q: How tough is Shonn?

Bruggeman: He has a hard body tattoo on the back of his arms. He is a tough kid, he gets hit and gets right back up. He might get nicked up, and he plays through it.

Q: Did he seem slowed by the time away from the game, or did he hit the ground running?

Bruggeman: It's not like we go out there and run 40 yards. You don't see that in practice much. The defense against us in camp has us scouted well, believe it or not, since we play them each day. I had a feeling he was pretty fast. I think he has a few records in speed here at Iowa. He is tough and fast.

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