Jarryd Cole Q&A

Jarryd Cole spent more time being a cheerleader last year than he did on the court. Cole tore his ACL just before the start of Iowa's 18 game Big Ten schedule, and just as he was playing into the promise he had shown in the out of conference schedule. Cole is back and ready to take the floor as Iowa's Co-Captain for this season.

Q: How far along are you on your rehab? 90 percent, 100 percent?

Jarryd Cole: I don't know percentage wise. I am able to do full basketball activities. I have to wear a brace, but other than that, everything is fine.

Q: What were some of things you had to do to do in rehab?

Cole: Weights, the balance stuff was most important. When you have a knee injury, what goes is your hamstring muscle. You have to do a lot of squats and lunges to get that muscle back and strong.

Q: What will be the key for this team?

Cole: Playing together. Five guys on the floor doing what we do best. We know the system, we know it works. We just have to be more consistent.

Q: Do you think there will be a greater confidence factor this year, having already been in the system for a year?

Cole: It should be. We have some other guys that have been here for a year. That should be good. We have some new guys coming in. We are all real vocal, so the new guys are picking things up well. We should gel well together this season.

Q: You didn't play in the Big Ten season this year, and yet you were named a captain, put into a leadership position, which is rare. What do you think the expectations are for you in the leadership role?

Cole: I don't look at it as expectations. We are all leaders on the court. We all bring different things to the table. I am just trying to contribute where I can. I take feedback from everyone, and I like to give feedback, too. We like to keep it that way, no one is on top. Everyone contributes.

Q: What is your leadership style?

Cole: Lead by example.

Q: How do you feel coming off of this injury?

Cole: I feel real good. The knee doesn't bother me much any more.

Q: Are you confident in the knee?

Cole: Yes sir.

Q: How hard was it sitting out last year?

Cole: It was real hard. Sitting in the bench is never easy, watching your team struggle and you know you can't do anything. That is last year, that is in the past and all we can do is look forward to the future now.

Q: There has been a lot of talk about moving the three point line back, but what about the inside game of the team this year?

Cole: The three point line won't affect us too much. It will help us on defense actually. We like to get the floor spread anyway, and moving the line back that allows us to keep the defense out of the lane even more.

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