Schiavone Changes Mind; Chooses Iowa

Anthony Schiavone visited Iowa the weekend of the Wisconsin game, and the energy and size of the crowd left an impression on him. So much so that one week after his visit, he called the Iowa staff to tell him that he would be joining the Iowa program....

Q: What changed your mind to choose Iowa over your previous commitment to Temple?

Anthony Schiavone: When I went out there last week I liked it a lot. The coaches were real nice, and the city and the state just felt like a right fit. I also felt that I fit in well with the players that Iowa has.

Q: You mentioned last week that distance could be a factor, and that you had to speak with your parents. How did that discussion go?

Schiavone: We talked about the distance, but it was really an easy decision as far as everything else goes. It was more of a factor for them, but like I said before, it just feels like the perfect fit for me.

Q: You were there for Iowa's game against Wisconsin, and that was a pretty amped up crowd. Did being a part of that environment help to sway your mind?

Schiavone: Yes. I have never been to a game like that before, in front of that many people; it was crazy. That did impact my decision.

Q: Who did you call to tell the news to?

Schiavone: Coach O'Keefe. He was real happy when I told him.

Q: Are you more of an offensive tight end, or well rounded with the blocking as well?

Schiavone: I think that I am a good blocker. You can always get better at everything, but I feel that I am a well rounded tight end.

Q: Do you see yourself staying at tight end, or do you think offensive line is in your future?

Schiavone: As I have been talking with them, we haven't had any discussions about moving to the line.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Schiavone: Our season is going good and we are trying to win a state title. We are 6-0 right now, and we play an 11 game schedule. Then the playoffs start.

Q: Do you think playing that many high school games will help your transition to college?

Schiavone: I think so, and we have a coach that runs our program like a small college program. I think that will also help make the transition easier.

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