Post Illinois: Shonn Greene Q&A

The Iowa Hawkeyes lost to Illinois 27-24 Saturday on a 46-yard field goal with under :30 seconds to play. It was a crushing blow to an Iowa team that had rallied back from a 15-point fourth-quarter deficit to tie the game, which included a two-point conversion. All of this on a day where Iowa's first four trips to the redzone resulted in three field goals and one missed attempt.

Q: It had to be frustrating today, but the team battled back.

Shonn Greene: Yeah. That is all we could do was fight back. We played a great team today and they did a good job. We tried to keep playing to the end and didn't come out on top.

Q: Is it heartbreaking to come back to tie it and then lose on a field goal?

Greene: They made a play. They won.

Q: It was a good comeback, though.

Greene: I think everyone is proud of the way we fought to the end. We did what we could do. It's unfortunate we didn't come out on top

Q: What is the mindset with Penn State coming in next week?

Greene: Flush this one and get ready for the next game. Penn State is next.

Q: How frustrating is it that your four losses have come by a combined 12 points?

Greene: Obviously it is. We are not getting blown out. We are pinning ourselves down. A loss is a loss, so we have to get back on top.

Q: You are the only running back in the nation to go for over 100 yards in all of your games.

Greene: It doesn't matter to me. We lost today so that is irrelevant

Q: What did Illinois do today to stop you?

Greene: I think they did a great job. They had a lot of guys in the box. They were pretty aware of me. I think they did a great job.

Q: What was the difference with you with both halves?

Greene: At the end of the first quarter, I wasn't in. They just did a good job. There wasn't a lot there.

Q: Did you get hurt in the first quarter?

Greene: I kind of tweaked my right ankle.

Q: Is that lingering?

Greene: Yeah. It will get better though.

Q: Talk about the drive after you guys recovered the fumble, and you scored.

Greene: We just drove down the field. That is what we wanted to do, go and score as quickly as we could and put our defense back on the field. We did a good job.

Q: Did not converting early in the redzone come back to haunt you?

Greene: That is one of the things that has happened this year. We can't do anything but keep working on it and see if we can get it going. That was a big problem today, and we have to punch it in when we get down there.

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