Iowa Recruiting Targets: The Offense

The Iowa football program has ten known verbal commitments in the Class of 2009. Public comments from the coaching staff have this class being in the low teens to the high teens as far as numbers go, something that is always very fluid. We take a look at the possible offensive players that are on Iowa's radar.

Iowa has ten known verbal commitments in the Class of 2009.  Early comments from the Iowa coaching staff made it sound like this year's class could be between 12 and 15 players in size.  A recent comment from Kirk Ferentz made it sound like this class could be in the mid to high teen's in numbers.  

So this class is either mostly completed, or half way home; either way, you are looking at one of the earlier ‘filling out of the dance cards' we have seen in an Iowa recruiting class in some time.

My thoughts on early commitments are that these are kids that Iowa targeted from an early perspective, thus they really saw something in them from their junior tape that made them feel good enough to offer them one of their precious and finite scholarships.   To me, an early commit is someone that verbals for you before the calendar turns to November. 

In the case of late September and October commits, the Iowa coaching staff has had time to see some limited tape from a senior season, and make an offer (if one hadn't been there already).  I always feel good about that, too.

None of this is to say that I don't feel good about prospects that commit later in a class; recruiting is a long and winding road.

Here are a few names to shed some light on how the rest of Iowa's recruiting road may play out this year.  These are names that I believe to be on Iowa's radar through conversations with multiple sources, not just names in a recruiting database, as that is not always reflective of a school's interest.

:  Brett Van Sloten, Drew Clark, Scott Covert (possible DL)
ON THE RADAR:  Oday Aboushi, 6-6, 305, Brooklyn, NY.  In a recent article on Scout, Aboushi, who is the #75 ranked offensive tackle in the nation,  told Allen Wallaace that he still favors Rutgers slightly over Iowa, Maryland, Virginia and Boston College. All of his favorites have offered.

Some other players still hearing from Iowa but have yet to be offered are Jake Campbell of Illinois, Charles Champman (Indiana commit), Dan Kruger and Chase Tanner of Iowa.  I don't know to what degree Kyle Lichtenberg is interested in Iowa, but I have heard the door is not totally closed on that front.  He committed to Iowa State in the summer, and at the time, called it his ‘dream school'.  But Iowa State has lost eight straight games, something Kyle may be thinking about.

Jon Lechner from Omaha was at the Iowa-Penn State game.  He does not yet have an offer from Iowa, but the Iowa coaches have been in close contact.

:  Anthony Shiavone, Justin Lattimore
ON THE RADAR:  The Hawkeyes have two commitments that can play this position, and with tight end recruiting, you never know what the future may hold; will players stay at this position, or one day decide to move to a different location on the roster?  Lattimore could play defense, Schiavone has the size to play along the offensive line.  I have no doubts that if
Iowa tells a player he will get a shot at the position he wants, he will get that shot.   They have been consistent in this regard in their ten years at Iowa.

Still, one never knows what the future may hold; Christian Ballard wanted to play tight end when he arrived at Iowa, but he made the move to defensive end and played as a true freshman, started this year and has a chance to be a three-year starter and a professional on that side of the ball.   I am led to believe that Iowa has interest in Malcolm Bush of Hackensack, NJ.  He is 6-5, 220 and decommited from Rutgers in late October.  Bush had offers from Pitt, North Carolina, Rutgers, Syracuse, Connecticut and others during the recruiting process at one point or another.

:  Brad Rogers, Brandon Wegher
ON THE RADAR:  Aaron Hayward, Carneys Point, NJ, Shane Dibona, Roxbury, MA, Justin Semmes, Orchard Lake, MI

Hayward is another Rutgers commit that teams are still recruiting because he has not closed that door.  He committed to the Scarlet Knights back in June, but this has not been a banner year for the Rutgers football program, and several of their early commits are taking a second look at things.   He had offers from Pitt, West Virginia, North Carolina and others at one point in time, and I am led to believe he has an offer from Iowa.

Dibona is a fullback prospect that visited Iowa back in early October.  That is the position that Iowa has told him they are interested in, and Dibona would like to remain on the offensive side of the ball.  He also holds an offer from Iowa.

I do not believe Semmes has an offer from Iowa right now, but these things are very fluid.  He might also be a prospect that could play several positions; running back, fullback or linebacker.

:  Jordan Cotton, Keenan Davis
ON THE RADAR:  With offers:  Cameron Gordon of
Michigan, Bryant Allen of Missouri, Justin Brown of Delaware, Broderick Jenkins of Florida

Gordon:  Has offers from MSU, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Iowa and others.  Still no offer from Michigan.  In an October 30th article, he said this of Iowa:  "Oh yeah, they're honest.  They just want to see my skill set.  They really don't know which side they want me on but both coaches, Coach Phil Parker and Coach Campbell, they like me.  Both of them like me."  He is also being look at as a safety.

Allen:  Has offers from Iowa, Missouri, Iowa State, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Minnesota.  Two sport star who very much wants to walk on to the basketball program as well.

Jenkins:  Offers from Iowa, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Louisville, West Virginia and others.  5-10, 170-pounds from Ft. Myers, Florida.

Brown:  Very, very versatile player at many positions on both sides of the ball.  One of those players that makes you better as a football team.  He has offers from Oregon, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Rutgers, Iowa and more.

ON THE RADAR:  This is an interesting situation, as there are a few names out there that Iowa has interest in, but I am not confident of what offers may or may not be there. 
Iowa may not go with a quarterback in this class, either.

Garrent Barnas of Harper College in Illinois is on the list.  That is a junior college.  He completed 238 of 437 passes for 2,899 yards, 24 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in ten games last season.  Iowa, Syracuse and South Florida were showing interest in the summer, and Iowa has kept in touch.

Kolby Gray of Houston, TX is also on the radar; he has offers from Boise State, Rice, Vanderbilt and Army.  Devontae Payne of Cleveland is still in the thought process, and is favoring Akron right now who has offered.  But he also lists Iowa as being on his radar, along with Ohio State and some other programs.  Those big schools have yet to offer. 

Dolapo McCarthy was in Iowa City this weekend, but I remain skeptical that he is a big time target for Iowa.  Najee Tyler of Brooklyn, NY is a 6-5, 217-pound prospect that is still hearing from Iowa was well, according to my sources.

There is one more name that I am looking into with regards of potentially holding an offer from Iowa, and that is Josh Brown.

This is based off of the information that I have now, and it might not totally jive with what you see elsewhere.  That being said, I feel that what I have been able to compile along these lines is fairly consistent with the interest Iowa is showing to prospects at these positions right now.  To repeat, recruiting is extremely fluid and things can change day to day, hour to hour.  We will also be touching base with some of these prospects in the coming days as weeks to file updates for the site.

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