Tenative List of Visitors for 12/13

This weekend is looking to be star packed, and one of the biggest in recent history for the Iowa Hawkeyes. HTO.com has a tenative list of visitors this weekend with no real big surprises, but certainly some very big names!

Here is the early tenative list of visitors for the 12/13 as compiled by HTO.com:

Commit LB Mike Klinkenborg
Commit FB/LB Mike Humpal
Commit DT Alex Willcox
Commit SS Jonathon Zanders
Commit OL Clint Huntrods
WR James Townsend
WR/ATH Preston Brown
OL Mike Jones
DL Elijah Robinson
DE Turk McBride
DE Kenny Iwebema
FS Tommy Zbikowski

By no means is this list final. HTO.com has continued to hear some other possibilities for visits this weekend.

Scott Chandler is scheduled to play in the Texas State Championship this weekend, but HTO.com has not received word from Southlake, TX if he would still be able to arrive on Saturday.

HTO.com is still in attempt to reach Georgetown Sussex Central and Head Coach John Wells to get the latest on WR Andrew Weatherly. HTO.com was told by a source after Andrew re-scheduled his orginal Nov. 2nd visit that it was for this weekend. However, we have not heard anything on the situation, and will be attempting to find out.

The Hawkeye coaches were at Charlotte Independence High School yesterday morning to arrange a visit with QB Chris Leak. We are working dilligently on confirming a visit date.

Also, DB Mike Jenkins from Bradenton Southeast remains a solid possibility to become a late addition to this weekend's visit list.

HTO.com will keep Hawk fans up-to-date with all the latest developments!

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