Quotes & Notes: UTSA

Transcript of Coach Lickliter's postgame press conference and game notes.


Opening Statement: You can almost throw out everything, this is what I told the team, we're down two, we're really struggling. There's no panic. As a matter of fact, there was a feeling of resolve. For me, that's what I'd like to hang my hat on.

I didn't think there was an emotion that was incorrect. I thought that everything was focused on the right things and trying to take care of it. I think as we try to make progress in this, sometimes struggling can be a helpful thing because it stretches you. They threw a lot at us that we really struggled with.

A lot of it is my fault. They 2-2-1 pressed. We haven't spent a lot of time working on that and we struggled. We had a couple of turnovers against it, probably a half dozen. I think that's my fault as much as the players, maybe more so.

As you go through and you prepare for the season, you have to prioritize a little bit. It's very hard to go through every scenario. It's not that we haven't talked about how we're going to attack extended defense. But they played it well. I'm impressed with their talent and the way that they do things. I think they put you in a tough spot, especially in the second half.

As we try to make progress in this, there are some lessons to be learned. I hope we can learn them and win. I think it takes some reflection on each guy's part to say what happened? What was I a part of? What were the good things? What were the tough things? How can we move on and improve?

That's the goal at this point. We're trying to become a better team.  

As you see more of the 2-2-1, how do you succeed with it?

A lot of it is guys understanding driving lanes and understanding how far you can drive it. I thought we reversed the ball to the opposite side of the court a couple of times and had a clear driving lane up the sideline and didn't take it. For whatever reason, we were hesitant. Now, we're going to take it back and we're in a time crunch and we're going to try to drive it up the middle. That's not a real good option. We kind of put each other in bad spots by not understanding the best way to attack it.

That's my fault, for sure. We covered it as we went through the timeouts and we talked about it. But there's a big difference between talking about something and actually working on it in a practice and being comfortable with it.

What about your team‘s free throw shooting down the stretch?

I think Joel Cornette might be in charge of the free throw shooting. Look up his stats, will you, from college.

You know what? I though there was a lot of poise there. Free throw shooting is a lot of repetition. We have worked on free throw shooting in practice. Maybe that‘s part of it. That‘s what you have to do down the stretch.

Is youth a part of the trouble with the press?

Well, I think team youth may be. You probably couldn‘t tell it in the second half, but a major emphasis for us is that we‘re trying to defend very well. If we can defend, then we can keep ourselves in games and the other things will sort of come around.

So, I‘m not talking about individual (youth). It‘s just the amount of time that we‘ve been together and had to work on things and how comfortable we were with it.

We moved Matt. He played an awful lot of four tonight. He hasn‘t done that a lot. Of course, you couldn‘t tell.

Did you consciously try to score more in the paint or did that just happen?

It was going to happen. They were switching a lot. We needed to try to slip to the basket and we tried to isolate down in there once they did. We could have done a better job. We couldn‘t get in sync with one another.

We‘ve spent a lot of time trying to defend this dribble-drive motion that people are running. Again, you probably couldn't tell it in the second half. We‘ve probably neglected a little bit of our offensive stuff expect for our free throw shooting.

Jarryd Cole played three minutes in the first half and that was it.

Yeah, you get in these contests. We couldn‘t get comfortable and Cyrus definitely had an advantage. He was very aggressive in the boards and we shifted Matt over to the four so now Brommer is going to play some (center). It‘s a matter of minutes. You just have so many minutes.

I think we might be overanalyzing for whatever. He just hasn‘t played a lot of basketball yet. He needs to practice some. The rest of these guys played all summer long. He didn‘t start playing until September. He‘s in great physical shape. He took care of himself. But he needs to practice and play basketball.

The freshmen forwards, Fuller and Brommer, Fuller started and he kind of disappeared.

I don‘t know if he disappeared. I know he was there on the bench. Oh, from the court?

He didn‘t really disappear from it. He struggled a little bit. But the kid he was guarding is a fifth-year player. I watched him in (junior college). He‘s a handful for anybody.

These are tough lessons for guys. That‘s what you do. And it‘s really a good experience.

It‘s only been two games, but it seems like Gatens and Tucker are going to be a big part of what you‘re trying to do.

They‘re both very good basketball players. We recruited them to come in here and play. We‘re in a little bit of a unique situation. Maybe if we‘d have been here half a dozen years, maybe they don‘t play such a prominent role. Maybe freshmen don‘t play such a prominent role. Maybe they do. I‘m not opposed to it. If they‘re ready to play and they do what you ask them to then, hey, let‘s go.

They do. They‘re two very good basketball players right now that are going to get better. They like winning.


-Iowa used the same starting lineup as it had in the exhibition game and Friday's opener against Charleston Southern - Peterson, Tucker, Gatens, Fuller and Tate.

-Fuller hit Iowa's first two baskets, a lay-in from Gatens and a trey. He then assisted on the team's third hoop, lobbying it in to Tate.

-Lickliter was unhappy with both of his centers in the first half. Cole and Tate each experienced an obvious mental lapse on the defensive end. They each went to the bench shortly after the mistake.

-Bawinkle knocked down a big three in the final minutes of the first half. His team was clinging to a four-point lead after a UTSA run and Iowa looked really flat. It started a 9-0 run for the home team, who led 40-28 at the intermission.

-Paid attendance was announced at 8,051. The actual crowd was probably in the 5,000-6,000 range.

-The Hawkeyes turned the ball over eight times in the first half. They had seven in the opener against Charleston Southern.

-Iowa built a 40-28 halftime lead courtesy of 15 of 23 shooting (65.2 percent) from the floor. It was 4 of 8 from beyond the arc.

-Peterson picked up his third foul with 16:11 remaining in the second half. He was called for a blocking foul that looked like it could have been a charge.

-Gatens came up big about five minutes into the second half. He grabbed an offensive rebound and dished to Tate for a lay-up. He then converted a big drive to the hoop to give Iowa a seven-point cushion. The visitors came out of the locker room with a 13-4 run to close to within to close to within three points of the lead.

-UTSA drew up a plan that Iowa can expect to see again. If you let the Hawkeyes walk the ball of the floor and get into their half-court sets, they usually get a good shot. If you pressure them, it gives them less time to run offense in the half court. They also just struggled to get through the 2-2-1 full court trap.

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