People Impress Brevi on Hawkeye Visit

The Iowa Hawkeyes brought in another sunshine state performer this past weekend in safety Chris Brevi. He hails from a familiar territory, Armwood High School. That is the same school that produced Hawkeye CB Antwan Allen and hails by the nickname "Hawks." Will Chris making the upgrade to Hawkeye alongside Antwan or is there another school in mind?

The Sunshine State has not lived up to the usual standards this recruiting season for the Hawks, largely due to a poor year in the Lauderdale area. However, the Hawks are still branching out in new areas, and even going back to some familiar grounds. One such school is Armwood High School, and the Hawks hosted FS Chris Brevi this past weekend.

"The visit went really well," Chris said. "My host was Sean Considine and he showed me a good time. All the players spoke very highly of the program, and it was finally good to meet Antwan (Allen)."

It is not unusual to hear prospects speak marvelously about the people supporting the University. It once again left a lasting impression in Chris's mind, and could be the deciding factor in his upcoming decision.

"The people there in Iowa City were just great in every aspect. They treat you like they wanted to be treated, and I haven't received the same treatment at other places I've been. The players were alll very helpful, and this will be something I want to compare with other schools in my upcoming visits."

So what other schools are currently on the schedule for visits?

"Pitt was my first offer so I owe them a visit and I want to see them first hand. I'll be visiting Memphis this weekend, and South Florida sometime in mid-January. Iowa is definitely a top three school on my list right now, but I want to take advantage of my visits."

Chris, who transferred to Armwood this past fall, previously was a starter at Tampa King High School. The attention was just not stockpiling for him at King, but the move to Armwood under Coach (Sean) Callahan may have been his best decision yet.

"At King, Chris's athletic ability carried him through everything," Coach Callahan said. "When he transferred over here, I saw that he was a good player. I took him to a few camps in August, and we also worked on other areas of his game. He was a good LB at King, but we saw something in him as a safety. It was a great move to make."

The move eventually is what lead Coach Callahan to make a call to into Coach (Phil) Parker's office.

"I called Coach Parker in August, and told him that he better take a look. He is a big-hitter at safety, which I know they like up there at Iowa. He hits em' off the field."

We also make sure to ask coaches if they have the stats on their respective players during our interview sessions. In this case, there was one stat that you will not find in the newspaper that fit the bill for Chris Brevi.

"We give out a sledge hammer after every game to the kid with the biggest hit. We will burn their jersey number into it each time they win. Looking at the hammer, Chris has won it six different times this season. He did that while playing on the #1 defense in central Florida."

The Hawk fans have become accustomed to big hits being delivered out of the Hawkeye secondary. Certainly, the addition of Chris Brevi should not leave too large of a mark with the departures of Derek Pagel and Bob Sanders forthcoming.

"Also, I want to also make sure and point out that Chris had three interceptions this fall. He also caused six fumbles with his hits", added Callahan.

Through my four years of covering football recruiting, interviews with Coach Callahan have been some of the best. A lot has been documented on the lovely ladies of Iowa City, and Coach Callahan did not reserve comment in letting it be known that many males should be on the look-out for Brevi's potential arrival.

"The kid is a stud," Coach Callahan remarked. "He is a really handsome guy that makes you feel a presence when around him. I know he has broken a few girl's and their mothers' hearts. I'm sure he will do just fine in Iowa City."

A victim list may have to start to become compiled when Chris arrives on the campus of his choice. Certainly, Iowa City would have no problem in replacing the list started already. Will Chris be making the upgrade to Hawkeye in his future of laying the wood?

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