Rob Report: Minnesota

A wrap-up from the action at the Metrodome with a travel list, injury report and notes.


Dressed Up: Hawkeyes that were in uniform for Minnesota:

QB - Stanzi, Christensen, Vandenberg, Wienke.

RB - Greene, Hampton, Morse, Murphy, O'Meara, Leppert, McLaughlin,

WR - DJK, Chaney, Brodell, Sandeman, Stross, McNutt, Kuchel

TE - Myers, Reisner, Moeaki, Sabers, Herman

OL - Calloway, Doering, Olsen, Meade, Haganmann, Bruggeman, Eubanks, Koeppel, Vandervelde, Bulaga,

DL Geary, Daniels, Binns, Klug, Kroul, Clayborn, Blum, King, Narinskiy, Ballard, Daniel

LB Coleman, Angerer, Tarpinian, Tillison, Edds, Johnson, Davis, Nielsen, Hunter, McGrath,

DB Bernstine, Sash, Spievey, Rowell, Fletcher, Morrow, Gardner, Greenwood, Lowe, Prater, Conklin, Cato

ST - Donahue, Schulze, Mossbrucker, Murray

INJURY REPORT: Moeaki, who injured himself at Illinois and missed the last two weeks, returned to the lineup on Saturday.

Kuempel missed another game with a leg injury, but hopes to return to practice for bowl prep.

Other than that, the Hawkeyes came through Saturday in good health.


-Berstine got away with the block in the back on Minnesota's first punt with 9:31 remaining in the first quarter. Brodell ended up bring the ball back to the Gopher 40, which finished in a 35-yard field goal by Daniel Murray.

-Former Hawkeyes Mike Elgin, Miguel Merrick, and Albert Young watched the game from the Iowa sideline. Young plays for the Vikings.

-Bowl reps in attendance for the game at the Dome: Fiesta/Insight, Outback, Cap 1/Champs and Alamo.

-On Greene's first TD run early in the second quarter, Myers and Brodell both delivered effective seal blocks to allow the running back to cruise into the end zone virtually untouched.

-After missing two extra points last week, Mossbrucker converted his first attempt on Saturday following the Hawkeyes' first touchdown. Mossbrucker celebrated the kick with Donahue in what looked like a practiced handshake. Murray had kicked a pair of field goals before that.

-Doering took a snap at right tackle late in the second quarter when Calloway went to the sideline with an equipment issue.

-Iowa's 24, second-quarter points were the most it has scored in a period this season.

-The 55-point win represented the Hawkeyes' biggest margin since a 56-0 shellacking of Ball State to start the ‘05 campaign. It was the biggest margin of victory in Big Ten play for Ferentz at Iowa. It also was the largest margin in conference play since Iowa put a 62-0 whooping on Indiana in ‘97.

-Former Hawkeye Tavian Banks called Greene after the game to congratulate him on breaking his record. It was the first time they had spoken.

-Angerer led Iowa with nine tackles.

-Kroul started for his 49th consecutive game, which was an Iowa record.

-Minnesota finished seven rushing yards.

-Iowa was 7 for 7 in the red zone with two field goals and five touchdowns.

-Iowa played without a turnover for just the third time this season.

-With two interceptions on Saturday, the Hawkeyes raised their season total to 20.

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