Post Minnesota: DJK Q&A

Iowa fans have been able to see the amazing potential that Derrell Johnson-Koulinos possesses, and on Saturday in the Metrodome, DJK had a 'hello world' outing; seven receptions for 181 yards and a touchdown. That performance topped Andy Brodell's 2006 Dome outburst. Read what DJK had to say...

Q: Did you drop the first pass thrown your way?

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos: It was the third one

Q: Did you want to prove something after that?

Johnson-Koulianos: Not really. You just keep playing ball. I have a job to do, keep playing. There were three quarters left. I was just going out and played as hard as I could

Q: How hard did Shonn hit you?

Johnson-Koulianos: Hard. I thought somebody like shot me with a shotgun out of nowhere. I couldn't imagine what just hit me, because I didn't see it until I got up and it was Shonn. It knocked the wind out of me. I don't know how these safeties get up down after down after hitting this guy. I don't understand. I have a lot more respect for the safeties now.

Q: They were stacking the line, is that why the downfield shots were there?

Johnson-Koulianos: We knew coming into this game they would try to do that. We knew that to run the ball, we had to execute big pass plays. We did that during the week. Once we did that, we were able to get back to the run and the holes opened up. Shonn just does what he does.

Q: Talk about the improvements you guys have made these past six games.

Johnson-Koulianos: Like Coach said after the game, he is so proud of us because everybody stayed the course and kept pushing. There were times when people counted us out, that we were just another Iowa team. Since last March, this team has had a different vibe that I have felt since I have been here. All of the guys, all across the team, are really dedicated in a lot of ways. Guys kept pushing forward and we got over the hump. Now we have to get better, that is the goal. Can we get better? I think we did that, no doubt.

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