Oakland Postgame: Greg Kampe Q&A

Greg Kampe had quite a few things to say about Iowa's team and facilities on Sunday after his team lost in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: Opening Statement

Greg Kampe: I'm very, very disappointed in how the game ended. We had the game exactly where we wanted it, you go into a Big Ten arena, you have to keep it close, then try and steal it at the end. We did all that. Jones made a horrible decision when we had the ball and a chance to take the lead. We ran a set, he refused the set, turned it down with a 6-6 guy on him and shot a jumpshot. He should have taken that ball to the basket and let the referee make a decision. Jones is great going to the hole, but he settled for a jump shot. We come down, get a stop, a shot clock violation, almost. They throw up some bomb, and #1 goes in there for an offensive rebound and we foul him. That was a huge play, now they take it out, make another shot, and make a three. If we get that rebound, I call timeout, we run something inside, and hopefully we make a basket. The game went from one point to nine so fast that there was nothing we could do. We're really disappointed because you don't get a chance… Winning on the road is tough enough, but winning in a Big Ten Arena is really tough. We had a chance to do it, so it's disappointing.

Q: How tough is it, Monday you're in Eugene, OR, Friday you're in Syracuse, now you're in Iowa City, that's got to be tough on the kids.

Kampe: It's really tough, you can tell by the shooting, that's where it shows. 6 of 11 from the FT line? Jonathan Jones shot 90-some percent from the line last year. How many shots did Kangas have bang in and out? it's going to make us better. I'll tell you this, if I knew our top player was going to break his foot the day before this trip, we wouldn't have made this trip. We're on the road for three weeks and we can't change things because we can't practice. Maybe I'm not a good coach, but I'll never prepare my team as if my player isn't going to play. We're struggling with that, we're trying to find a way to get baskets on offense in clutch situations. Against Oregon we were able to do it, against Cleveland State we weren't able to do it, and tonight we weren't. Other than the Syracuse game where we flew the length of the country, we've been right there with a chance to win everything we've played. I went from having the best team I've ever had to being a pretty good team that's young. We went from a veteran team to a young team. I know they're young, Cushingberry, a freshman, Maynard's a freshman, Hudson's a sophomore, six of the 9 guys that play are freshmen or sophomores. We're young too.

Q: What are your thoughts on Iowa?

Kampe: You have a great coach, okay? You guys are a long way away from being in this league. I know the Big Ten because of where we're at. We play a lot of those schools. You're a long way away, but he's got a hell of a freshman class. We did exactly what we wanted to do on defense. We made you take the shots we wanted you to take, and you made 10 out of the 25 of them. 4 of those 10 you made were from 5 feet beyond the NBA range. Your coach is a great basketball coach, he will win here. We came in here last night, we practiced in the most god-awful place I've ever been in. He's got challenges. When we go play at Michigan State, we don't practice in something like that, we practice in one of the nicest practice facilities there is. He's got some challenges, but you're lucky you got him, because he can coach, he can really coach.

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