Quotes & Notes: Oakland

Transcribed quotes from Anthony Tucker, Cyrus Tate and Jake Kelly after Iowa's 66-57 victory against Oakland on Sunday at Carver. Also, there are notes from the game.


Anthony Tucker

It seems like you‘re not afraid to shoot from anywhere. Can you talk about your approach from the outside?

Um, if I'm open and I feel like I can make a shot, I'll shoot it. That's really all there is to it. I get great passes from my teammates. It's easy to just catch it and shoot it.

Is this the best team you‘ve played?

I'd say it's the most aggressive team we've played. I don't know if it's the most talented team, but they played well. They're a good team. They're well coached as well. I think we really played well tonight, too.

Do you feel like you guys handled the pressure better tonight than you did against Texas-San Antonio?

Yeah, it was a focal point of our walk-throughs and practices the last couple of days, to take care of the ball in the backcourt and break the press and try to attack the press and use it as a scoring opportunity.

Have you ever been to Vegas and what do you think about going to Vegas?

I've been to Vegas probably the last four or five summers for AAU. It's a lot of fun down there. We're all really excited. We're playing good teams down there. It should be a great experience.

Cyrus Tate

Overall, I think we shared the ball really well. We made plays when it counted. We just have better team chemistry this year. I'm pleased with the way that we've played and our effort.

A lot of times when you're out there you‘re the only player on your team taller than 6-5. Is that something that makes you rebound even harder or is that just the way that you play all of the time?

That's just the way that I play. I just really like rebounding. I think that's the way I contribute to our team. In order for our team to be successful, I feel like I have to get out there and rebound. We're a shorter team. I'm aggressive, just going out there and getting the hustle plays and getting our teammates open.

Is this team tonight the best team that you‘ve played this year?

They're a much taller team than the other teams we've played. Of course they're a pretty good team. They beat Oregon at Oregon. They're a good team, but today we're just the better team. We did all the things we could to win the game and we pulled through and finished the game.

How have you guys been able to come through in these close games?

We've been able to come through because we're just a real poised team. We make the best of the open shots. We just make smart plays. We should have more control of that the whole game. Sometimes I think that we let up and that's something we need to work on in practice.

Jake Kelly

You guys play in Vegas on Friday but you still have a game here on Tuesday. Is that going to be a tough one to get up for?

No. Coaches are really good at taking it just one game at a time. We're not even talking about Vegas right now. We're taking it one game at a time. We don't look past anybody.

Can you talk about Jeff Peterson?

I think it's all mental with Jeff. He's a real good player. I saw him play well all summer. He takes care of the ball well and makes good decisions. I love playing with him.

So, where did you guys practice in preparation for this game?

North Dodge Athletic Center because of all the things going on in (Carver). It worked out.

Does it make it harder, though?

I guess if it was a little longer period of time, like a couple of weeks. Since we're in here all year, it's not a big deal. It feels like home still.

How do you feel like you guys handled the press tonight?

We were a little inconsistent. It seems like we weren't aggressive enough. They back off. It's kind of a soft press. And then they trap you when you're not ready for it. You just have to be strong with it and aggressive and not get in the corners.

Are you feeling more comfortable with your hand now or is still bothering you?

It's still bothering me. It's really not much better. I'm going to talk to the hand specialist tomorrow and see what I need to do.

Is it one of these things that could linger all season?

Yeah, I mean, it could, actually. I don't know.

Are you concerned about it? Obviously you‘re going to see a specialist.

I am not, really. I mean, it hurts. But I would just rather leave it alone and the pain will stop. I'm playing fine, so I'm not worried about it.


-Tate recorded his first double-double of the season with 11 points and 13 rebounds.

-Peterson finished with nine assists and just one turnover.

-Kelly scored a season-high 16 points and dished out four assists without a turnover.

-Tucker scored 19 points to give him 40 in the last two games. On Sunday, he connected on 5 of 10 3-point attempts and added a career-high six rebounds.

-Kelly's defense on Johnathon Jones late in the game was key. The Iowa sophomore forced Oakland's most dangerous offensive player into a poor shot and a turnover when the visitors were in striking distance of the lead. He also hit two big free throws to extend Iowa's lead to nine-points with a minute left.

-Peterson handed out six assists to just one turnover in the opening half.

-Iowa committed 11 first-half turnovers and attempted just one free throw, struggling again against pressure defense. It shot a blistering 57.1 percent from the floor, however.

-Tate pulled down seven rebounds in the first half.

-Adam Haluska attended the game with his family. The former Hawkeye is playing professionally in Israel and is back in Iowa after having his right foot operated on. Justin Johnson also attended the game.

-The Hawkeyes made Oakland pay for playing its 2-3 match-up zone early in the first half when they hit 6 of 13 shots from beyond the arc in building a 30-24 lead at the intermission. Tucker was 4 for 7 from the floor, including 3 of 6 on threes by the break.

-Oakland led the game 18-17 with under six minutes to play in the first half. Iowa then went on a 5-0 run and never trailed again in the game. The home team never led by more than 11, however, and held just a two-point edge with under two minutes remaining in the game.

-The Golden Grizzlies fell to 1-3 on the season, having lost at Iowa, Syracuse and Cleveland State. They won at Oregon and play at Kansas State on Tuesday.

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