Iowa's Bowl Outlook: 11/25 Update

Iowa's bowl projections are all across the board these days, but is here to take as much of the guesswork out of the situation as we can. Here is our latest look at Iowa's possible bowl destinations for the 2008 Bowl season...

We will bring you regular updates on Iowa's possible bowl destinations, as this is always a very fluid situation with several twists and turns.

Here are some of today's ‘highlights' on the bowl front:


There is a ‘story' circulating that Michigan State should try to cut a deal with the Outback Bowl, and not wait to find out whether or not the Big Ten will get one or two teams into the BCS. Their logic is that they would forgo a possible Capital One Bowl bid in order to ‘lock up' a January bowl bid and get a head start on selling tickets.

They seem to think the Outback Bowl could persuade the Capital One Bowl into doing this, since if the Big Ten gets just one BCS team, the Cap One would take Ohio State. If the Big Ten gets two BCS teams in, the Cap One would be fine with Iowa or Michigan State.

I have to be honest, I love the logic behind this ‘theory'; it makes great sense for them to try and do something like that. While this is a great theory, in reality, I don't see it happening, because I just don't think the system works that way. I do not see the Cap One ‘releasing' anyone from their selection pool. Why? Because they don't have to. This also assumes that the Outback would rather have Michigan State over Iowa. While it may come down to that bowl choosing between those two teams, again, why would the Outback Bowl make a decision now when it doesn't have to?

I give this theorist an ‘A' for effort, but an ‘F' for practical application.

You can read this theory, linked HERE


Outback President Jim McVay has been a popular man today. He was on a sports talk radio station in Michigan, and he also took part in a call with WHO TV 13 in Des Moines.

His comments were well received by both fan bases, as each side believes that McVay's comments actually meant something positive for them. To be sure, he was equally positive for both schools, and again, why wouldn't he be? At best, he will get to pick between these two schools, plus Northwestern. At worst, just one of those teams will not be available to him. Gaining much insight from ‘on the record' comments from bowl officials is a challenge that is all on the interviewer. I am going to try my hand at that tomorrow, as I am attempting to line up an interview with an Outback Bowl official for my radio program. I will also be reaching out to the Alamo Bowl as well. I will keep you updated on that on Tuesday.


For Iowa fans that want to see the Hawkeyes play in a January bowl game in Florida, you should once again be rooting against Oregon State this weekend. Arizona had the Beavers dead to rights on Saturday, but those plucky Beavers would not go quietly into that good night and pulled off a come from behind, last second win. They might have suffered a serious setback in that win, as Jaquizz Rodgers, OSU's talented freshman running back that leads the Pac 10 in rushing, injured his shoulder in that game. He is questionable for Saturday's ‘Civil War' contest against Oregon, to be played at Oregon State.

If OSU loses, it's likely that the Big Ten will get two teams into the BCS, making it highly likely that Iowa will go to the Outback Bowl. If OSU wins, they will be the Pac 10 representative in the Rose Bowl, likely leaving Ohio State headed to the Capital One Bowl, and leaving the Outback with a choice between Iowa and Michigan State.

Here are my latest ‘percentages' with regards to Iowa's possible bowl destinations.

Outback Bowl: 60% likelihood
Alamo Bowl: 30% likelihood
Cap One Bowl: 10 % likelihood

If Jaquizz doesn't play for Oregon State, I move the Outback number to 70%.

If it's the Alamo Bowl, there are some intriguing matchups. More on that in a minute.

As you may know, we are taking reservations for our Bowl Charter flight right now, to the Outback Bowl. As of late Monday night, we have already received orders for 25 percent of our capacity for our plane. That was in little more than a 24 hour time frame, which makes this trip the fastest selling trip we have ever had. All of this, without knowing Iowa's bowl destination. That means that if you are thinking of traveling to Iowa's bowl game with us, you should probably firm up your decision rather quickly. Visit our website, for ordering information.

One of the reasons this trip is so popular this year is that if Iowa is selected for the Outback Bowl, the hotel is also the Iowa team hotel! We also have land only packages available as well.

In the event that Iowa would not be selected to play in the Outback Bowl, you don't have to do anything; your space is reserved on our trip and at our hotel property no matter Iowa's bowl destination, or you can request a complete refund. You have no risk!

Should Iowa be selected to participate in the Alamo Bowl, the teams the Hawkeyes could play are very appealing. As of right now, the two most likely opponents would be Missouri or Nebraska. How's that for a very soft landing, for those of you that want to see Iowa go to the Outback Bowl? Both of those hypothetical matchups would be very exciting for the Iowa team as well as for the Iowa fans. If that is something you want to see, be rooting for Oklahoma State to knock off the Sooners this weekend in the Bedlam game in Stillwater.

One last have seen some Champs Sports Bowl projections at some national media outlet websites. I am here to tell you, the Hawkeyes will not 'fall' lower than the Alamo Bowl in the Big Ten pecking order.

We will continue to keep you updated on the latest we are hearing with regards to Iowa's 2008 bowl destination.

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