Lickliter, Iowa Prepare for Bryant

The Iowa Hawkeye Men's Basketball team is 6-2 at roughly the quarter pole of the 2008-2009 season. They host Bryant University on Friday, a tune up in advance of three straight games against their in state rivals.

Q: Is Anthony Tucker OK?

Todd Lickliter: Yeah, he saw a doctor when he got back. As much as anything, he was under the weather and you know what that does to your energy. We needed energy in that game and we were better off to rest him, because we were competitive. Hopefully it will be a quick recovery. We didn't do a lot yesterday, as you can imagine. We have yet to see him today, but he has seen the doctor and we feel good about what they have started him on.

Q: Will he play against Bryant?

Lickliter: I anticipate he will play. He doesn't have to be 100 percent, but we won't risk anything or set him back.

Q: Is it nice to be home and have a chance to practice?

Lickliter: Yes, you get to see some snow, which is fun. You have to be careful when you travel as much as we have, and you play as hard as we have, as far as practice. Yesterday was very light, some film work and different things, but we will get to practice today. It's nice to get into a routine; it's nice for them to be in class. I am hoping that it helps get our legs under us. I thought that was a pretty demanding schedule right there; three quality opponents and a great deal of travel. Without any excuses, I thought our guys responded pretty well in all regards. We were disappointed being 1-2. You have to go through some of that.

Q: What are your thoughts on playing on Friday nights? Some people don't like that due to conflicts with the high school scheduling.

Lickliter: I agree. It's been really interesting for me to see over the last few years, how you have had to squeeze a lot of games in. The schedule was made; we had the contracts out there. I am going to play it out and we will evaluate it. I think its better to play on other nights, I am not a huge fan of Sunday's but we get some of those too. What you have to look at is how you are going to get the rest and the preparation you need between games. I think we have finals coming up, right after this Friday. We have to start preparing for that. There are some things that dictate when you play and if a Friday night happens to be the best for all of the scenarios, we will have to deal with that.

Q: What can you tell us about Bryant?

Lickliter: Their coach was at Ohio, and we played them a few times. They play multiple defenses, they run some flex, they have guys that can shoot it. They have played a tough schedule, Albany twice, Connecticut. They are in a rebuilding process, but he just started putting his system in. I know this; the two games we played against him when I was at Butler were really competitive. They are a very well coached team.

Q: What has impressed you the most with Jermain Davis?

Lickliter: I like the way Jermain approaches the game, and what he has wanted to do. When we recruited him, it was very obvious to me that he was team oriented. His focus is on the team, and that allows guy to play better. They are not concerned with things they can't control. Jermain has been a guy that has really wanted to play the way we want him to, he wants to learn and grow. I think his teammates enjoy playing with him. He is playing right to his strengths. He is very versatile. He drove it twice the other night, he hit a couple of three's and he is good on the defensive end. We were excited when we recruited him, and he continues to give us good minutes.

Q: Bryant averages just under 10 treys per game; is it a perimeter oriented attack?

Lickliter: It's not. They will run some baseline runner and throw it into the post. They will isolate down there. They are more similar to us as far as size goes. The thing about it is when you shoot the ball from the perimeter the way they do, it leaves you isolated in the post, so we will have to work hard to keep it out of there. If it does go, we will have to know how much help to give. If you sag, you leave people open on the outside. They do a great job of balancing.

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