Nolan MacMillan Takes in Iowa City

The Iowa football program hosted some recruits this weekend, among them being 6-6, 285 pound offensive lineman Nolan MacMillan from The Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey. caught up with MacMillan following his visit, and you can read about it here...

Q: How did your visit to Iowa City go this weekend?

Nolan McMillan: I liked it a lot. It was a good experience. This was first official visit in this whole process. I liked it a lot. I had never been out to Iowa before. I had never gotten to see Kinnick Stadium before. That was a good thing to come out of the experience.

Q: Before your visit, what had you heard about Iowa?

McMillan: I had heard they have loyal fans, and have consistent sellouts. People in Iowa really like their football. It's reflected in how the people are in the community. Also, you can see it in the players. It is a real tight-knit community.

Q: Was there any preconceived notions about Iowa you had before coming, and did those change?

McMillan: I heard it was going to be extremely small with a lot of cornfields. But, obviously, it is not planting season or anything there. The Harvest has already come in. There are no cornfields to be seen.

Q: Who was your host on the visit?

McMillan: Casey McMillan. There is no relation.

Q: Describe your visit. What were some of the things you took in?

McMillan: We got there Friday. We went over to the (football) complex and met all the coaches. We met all the other recruits, like Brandon (Wegher) and Brett (Van Sloten). We ate some food, then talked with the coaches (again). I then went into Reese Morgan's office. We talked about what made them such a great unit, their great tradition. He told me what he thought were great characteristics for his players, and what he looks for in recruits. We watched film and he showed me what they are about and how they get after it on the practice field. Then we watched practice for a little bit after touring the facilities. We had dinner in the press box at Kinnick Stadium. We then went to the Iowa-Iowa State basketball game and sat courtside right in front of the students. I thought that was pretty cool. The student section was getting into it – getting pretty crazy.

Q: Did you get a chance to meet Ashton Kutcher or Shaun Johnson?

McMillan: No. Neither him or Demi Moore. I didn't get to meet her (Johnson) either, which I was pretty disappointed about.

Q: Which other schools are you planning to visit?

McMillan: I am planning on visiting Georgia Tech and Virginia.

Q: What attracts you to each of those schools, and to Iowa?

GEORGIA TECH: It is a very strong math and science school. It is pretty much the polar opposite of Iowa in that it is in the South and in a city. They are a triple option team. I have good interaction with the coaches on the phone. They are going to be a national title contender. It is a place I can go and get a good education in two fields that I am interested in.

VIRGINIA: I have been to the campus and I like it very much. I have a good visit with Offensive Line Coach (Dave) Borbely when he came to the Hun School where I attend. It is another great school.

IOWA: I got to meet with the head of Math Studies in the graduate school. He discussed the three different paths you can take once you are in the program, and the options within those three paths. Also, where they could eventually lead. I thought that was a pretty cool part of the trip. I enjoyed that very much.

WHAT HE IS LOOKING FOR: I am interested in good academic standing as well as being high in Division I football.

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