Coleman Talks Iowa Visit

The Iowa football program hosted a pair of football players this weekend from The Hun School, a prep school in Princeton, New Jersey. One of them was linebacker Donald Coleman. Read what Coleman had to say about his visit, plus an update on his recruitment.

Q: Talk about your visit to Iowa City, what were your impressions?

Donald Coleman: Iowa City is a nice place. It was pretty much a regular college town like some of the others I have been in, like East Lansing & Ann Arbor. It kind of surprised me. I liked it a lot and there was a lot to do. It was the opposite of NC State (last weekend's visit), which is a mix of a college town and city. I enjoyed myself out there (in Iowa).

Q: Who was your host for the visit?

Coleman: My host was Jason Semmes, so it was good to see him again. Jason and I went to high school together before I came out here to prep school. It was good to have somebody there that I know, and that could tell me good things about the program.

Q: Which coaches did you opportunity to speak with while in Iowa City?

Coleman: I met all the coaches, but sat down with Coach Doyle – the strength and conditioning coach. I also sat down with the linebackers coach, Coach Wilson. He showed me the kind of system that they run and the kind of sets they run. He showed me the people at the position of weak side linebacker. It seems like I really fit in the system, which was definitely a bonus. Then I sat down with Coach Ferentz. We had breakfast this morning and he is a really good guy. They told me that there were two juniors ahead of me at my position. I would have to sit for a couple years, but those guys would be gone. I would be in the perfect spot. They said they would really like to bring me in because they have a lot of faith in my ability. I got to meet one of them while there. I think he is #42 (Jeremiha Hunter). He was a cool guy. Everybody at the school was pretty nice.

Q: What were your overall impressions of the football program?

Coleman: Everybody out there, they are standup guys. If you are not, they will get rid of you. That is the cool part about it. They all have pretty good character out there.

Q: Which other schools are you planning to visit?

Coleman: I don't have any other visits set up right now. Minnesota wants me to visit next weekend, but I have not set that up yet. I need to talk with my dad.

Q: Can you compare the Iowa and NC State visits?

Coleman: They both have very stable coaching staffs. They both have decent academics. They both have great coaches who are willing to work with me to make me a better person and player. All of the guys on both teams are nice and fun to hang around with. The difference is that one is strictly a college town and the other is a mixture of college and city.

Q: What are you planning to major in?

Coleman: I think I am going to major in political science.

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