Iowa Commit Van Slotten Visits Campus

Decorah offensive lineman Brett Van Sloten committed to Iowa months ago, but finally got around to taking his official visit to Iowa City this past weekend. His team lost in the state finals to Sioux City, and Van Sloten visited Iowa City with fellow Hawkeye commit Brandon Wegher. Get the latest on Van Sloten's thoughts about being a Hawkeye...

Q: Describe your visit to Iowa City.

Brett Van Sloten: This was my official visit. Friday we arrived at around 2:30 and checked into the hotel. We went and watched practice. After that, we went up to the press box to meet with our host(s). My host was Tyler Nielson from Humboldt. We ate up there (in the press box), and then went to the Iowa-Iowa State basketball game. That was a lot of fun. After that we hung out with our hosts and other football players. We started Saturday by eating at training table. We then did our academic stuff. We got to meet with our individual advisors in the field we are looking to study. Then we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I had to leave to go watch our (Decorah's) basketball game against (Marion) Linn-Mar. Today (Sunday) we went to coach Ferentz' house and just spent a lot of time talking with different coaches.

Q: Which position coach did you sit down with, and what did you discuss?

Van Sloten: I sat down with Coach Morgan the Offensive line coach. We talked about what it will be like next year; the transition from high school to college.

Q: What made the decision to attend Iowa easy for you?

Van Sloten: About a month after they offered me, I went down there on an unofficial visit. I got to see a lot of the same things I saw on my official visit. It just hit me that, "this is the place I want to be." The coaches are friendly and it felt like a family atmosphere. That is what clinched the deal for me.

Q: How is your father, a Cyclone grad, taking all of this?

Van Sloten: He is perfectly fine (with it). He supports me 100 percent and he even says he cheers for Iowa all the time. He's all for it.

Q: What are you going to do before reporting on campus?

Van Sloten: I am going to have surgery on my ankle next week from an injury during football. I saw the Iowa team doctor and he told me surgery was the best thing (for it). Hope to be back for basketball at the end of February. Coach Doyle did not mention anything about weight training for me until I get there on June 8th. They (the coaches) told me to stay active in things that I am in.

Q: Talk about the season Decorah had this fall.

Van Sloten: Coming off a 3-6 season the year before, we knew we had something to prove. This summer, the juniors and seniors really bought into the conditioning and weight training program that our coaches made available. Just seeing how two classes came together to form one great team was the true success of our team. We were not worried about the glory, we worried about one another. We never really talked about going to the title game as a goal. We just take it one game at a time. We were picked to lose most games. We did not let it bother us; we had as much a chance to win as anybody else. Everybody bought into the team concept, so it was a dream come true.

Q: In the title game, you played against a future teammate. Do you and Brandon Wegher get along?

Van Sloten: Oh yeah. We became good friends as the season progressed. And now that we are most going to the same school, we talked this weekend and get along great. They (Sioux City Bishop Heelan) were the better team and we both understand that. We don't hold that against one another.

Q: If you were a host for a recruit, what would you tell them about the University of Iowa?

Van Sloten: I would tell them about the coaching staff because that is what stands out to me right now. They are a great staff to be around. The players always look out for one another and help you through practice (while) teaching you (at the same time).

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