WIU Postgame: Todd Lickliter Transcript

Coach Todd Lickliter talked about humility again as his team struggled to shake off Western Illinois before gaining a 58-43 win Saturday night. Read what he coach said about not using Anthony Tucker, his teams struggles on the boards and opening Big Ten play.

Opening Statement: I thought that was a well-coached team that has a good identity. They make you play in the half court. They try to make you shoot jump shots. And they did it. We absolutely struggled to keep them off of the glass, which is a credit to them but also disappointing because we're just out of position. I'm afraid we lack the humility to block out. And that could be very dangerous in the very near future if we decide that we can play without doing that. But defensively, on the perimeter, I thought we did a nice job, and even in the post, for the most part, especially in the second half. Our ball movement was better in the second half and opportunities were better. So, we finished up the non-conference. And you get to a point where at least you think you're ready to start conference play. We all know how challenging it is and how enjoyable it can be if you can have some success in this league.

You didn‘t use Anthony (Tucker). Was that just a coach‘s decision?

Coach's decision. Yup.

Was there a reason he played the last game and didn‘t play tonight?

Well, coach's decision in the last game and this game. He had practiced a couple of times last time and we wanted to give him an opportunity and play and he shot it OK but it was obvious that he had been off. Now, we've been off longer and he really needs some practice time.

The performance tonight, was it what you wanted to see knowing that Ohio State looms and the Big Ten looms or is there concern?

I don't ever really focus on the next opponent. I'm always concerned if we don't execute. And there were things that we didn't do tonight that I know we need to do to be a good team. I'll voice them and we'll just go back. The nice thing now is that we've got two or three days to practice. We came back Christmas night and practiced. We practiced twice yesterday (Friday). We walked through today. Preparation is hard in those situations. We've got some time now to be able to work on our execution.

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