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Iowa vs Minesota - Quarterfinals

Zach Sanders (Minnesota) dec Krutsinger (Iowa) 10-5
- A quick tie-up to start the match, both men working for head/hands control. Krutsinger gives up a single-leg, then the escape. 2-1 Sanders. Krutsinger took a couple nice shots, but couldn't finish them off. End of the first period it's 2-1. Sanders with an escape to start the second, and a takedown on the edge, 5-1. 7-3 Sanders near the end of the third period. JJ's had his moments to make a mark, but hasn't been able to capitalize. An escape to start the third, 7-4 Sanders. Again, JJ in on a deep shot that he can't put the finishing touches on. In one sense, it's encouraging that he's getting past the initial defense, but can't quite finish things off. JJ got overextended and taken over for a 2-pt TD. 9-4 Sanders. 9-5 after an escape with 10 seconds to go. Sanders win 10-5.

Daniel Dennis (Iowa) dec Jayson Ness (Minnesota) 6-4 (We think, will clarify)
- Dennis with a super-quick takedown on Ness, set up by a fake at a low shot. Dennis riding hard, keeping the longer Ness from building a base. Dennis has got a full minute of riding time built up. Ness gets the escape, 2-1 Dennis. To start the second, Ness chooses down. Dennis is called for fleeing during a flurry as Dennis tries to keep Ness from escaping. Ness scores an escape and takes the lead, 3-2. Lots of action in the second period, no scoring. Both guys are quick to find the edge of the mat when pressed. Dennis chooses down to begin the second period and scores a HUGE reversal to start off the third period, 4-3, then gives up the escape, 4-4. Dennis still has riding time, however. There's some confusion on the score, whether a technical violation point was awarded to Dennis during that reversal. A bit of chippiness going on between these two guys at the end of the match. Dennis wins!

Alex Tsirtsis (Iowa) dec Mike Thorn (Minnesota) 2-1
- Alex got into one of his typical scramble situations where he's quite close to getting put on his back, but was able to avoid giving up any points. No score through the first two minutes of the match. An unsportsmanlike penalty point awarded to Tsirtsis after Thorn puts a little shoulder shove into Tsirtsis on the way back to the center. 1-0 Tsirtsis. End of the first period. Alex tried a few holds but gave up the escape before getting into any trouble. Tsirtsis can't close out on a scramble, again, still 1-1. Tsirtsis chose down to begin the third and was out almost instantly. Thorn still throwing hands and shoves after the whistle, surprising he hasn't been called again. Still 2-1 with under a minute to go. Time runs out as Thorn's trying to score a winning takedown, can't quite get it. Tsirtsis wins, but not prettily.

Brent Metcalf (Iowa) TF Peterson (Minnesota) 23-8
- Some exchanges between the coaches prior to the mat, probably to do with the extra-curricular activity during the last match. A quick 4-1 lead for Metcalf, with Brent riding him tough. Tries to turn him, can't quite get it, so cuts him, 4-2. Takedown again, then another. 8-4 Metcalf. Minnesota wrestler is already completely beat. Metcalf is just pushing him around. Metcalf's having no trouble taking him down, but once he's got the kid on the ground, he's not giving Metcalf any opening for back points. 15-7 Metcalf. 16-7 on the third stall warning against Peterson. 18-7. Metcalf down to start the third, escape, then takedown. 21-7. He'll work for back points, trying to look for back points after the escape, 21-8. Metcalf is now acctively avoiding finishing takedowns to try and get the bonus points. This is as defeated as I've ever seen any Metcalf opponent. That includes Bubba in Carver last year. 23-8

Tyler Safratowich (Minnesota) MD Matt Ballweg (Iowa) 11-3
- Trading tie ups early on, nothing through the first minute and a half. Neither guy really doing much. Both guys have had shots, neither can finish it off. Safratowich gets a takedown finished near the end of the period, 2-0 going into the second. Safratowich picks down and escapes within 15 seconds or so. 3-0 Minnesota. Brands trying to get Ballweg more into the match as he gets hit with a stall call. Safratowich finishes another shot, 5-0, possibly 6-0. Ballweg having trouble getting out. It's not going well for Ballweg. 8-2 Safratowich. Ironside and Grace are not happy with the effort out out Ballweg.

Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) dec Glasser (Minnesota) 6-4
- Morningstar out with a quick takedown, then an escape, 2-1. Morningstar's having trouble finishing a few shots, but definitely being more agressive than we're used to seeing, in previous years. Glasser chooses down to start the second, Ryan working hard to keep him down, but gives up the escape, 2-2. Ryan gets extended, but is able to finish it off. Stall warning on Ryan, but still got the takedown, 4-2. Second period winds down, Morningstar with a 4-3 lead, and he's defintiely been the aggressor in this match. Ryan goes down to begin the third, and gets out without too muych difficulty, and before his riding time is erased. 5-3 Morningstar with over a minute of riding time. Glasser nearly had a takedown, almost had control of both ankles, but couldn't quite finish it off. Ryan's getting slightly tentative, getting a second stall warning, 5-4 Morningstar. Time runs out, Morningstar able to cling to the tight victory, 6-4.

Jay Borschel (Iowa) MD Caleb Young (Minnesota) 12-3
- Jay Borschel out on the mat this time at 174. Jay's being more agressive, moving foward in this match, not waiting for his opponent to make a move. Young has a very strange stance, feet are very, very wide apart, which looks to be causing a little trouble for Jay in getting to the ankles. Jay, moving away from low shots, works on the upper body a bit, driving into Young for a takedown. He's working VERY hard to get that arm bar or chicken wing peeled around. 2-0 heading into the second period. Young gets out to begin the period, but Jay has riding time already. Borschel got on a good single shot, drove through, and immediately cut Young. Young is turning and running now. Borschel's giving chase, catches a knee and takes Young down again. Borschel's getting a bit of swagger. 6-2 at the moment. Borschel riding tough to close out the second period, working on a wing, but can't run it in time. Jay Borschel chooses down, having a bti of trouble getting out. Gets the escape, then shoves Young on his rear end over into the other mat. Borschel with the same upper/lower body comination shot that he's gone to several times today. 9-2 + riding time. Borschel working to find back points, but Young's not allowing anything. Borschel cuts up, then gives up a single-leg shot. As Borschel does, he comes around the corner and gets the takedown, 11-3 + riding time. Borschell gets a 1-count on Young's back, but can't quite hold it. Final score 12-3

Phil Keddy (Iowa) MD Sonny Yon (Minnesota) 11-3
- Phil with a quick takedown against the taller but less-built Yon, then an escape. 2-1. Keddy's doing well, nothing too terribly strange at this point. Very quick, particularly with the single shot he's been hitting today.Keddy's having some trouble getting out to begin the second period. And by "having some trouble" I mean it took 10 seconds. Phil with a 5-2 lead in the third period. Keddy with a quick takedown, release, has a leg up in the air, drags him back to center of the mat, and drops him again to finish the match 11-3 with the major.

Chad Beatty (Iowa) decChris McPhail(Minnesota) 9-4
- Beatty with a quick takedown to start the match and then an escape for Minnesota, looking rested after spending nearly two months off from competition. A good bit of dancing by both wrestlers early on, but Beatty generally the aggressor. Beatty chose down to begin the second period, gets to a sitting position, and gets the spin for a reversal. Beatty had a weak half-nelson-ish hooked in, but couldn't get a count on it. It's 4-1 now for Beatty, releases him, 4-2 for Beatty. I'm surprised at how quick Beatty looks, considering he hasn't had any live wrestling in quite some time. He's very quick, especially reacting to incoming shots. 4-2 at the end of the second period. McPhail chooses down. Beatty's riding tough. Riding just far enough off center to avoid the stalling call. Beatty eeks out a minute of riding time, then releases McPhail. 4-3, but Beatty, again, has riding time. McPhail takes a weak shot, Beatty works around behind him for a takedown, then releases him, back to work. 6-4 + RT. Beatty with a low single, brings it up, now they're both tied up together. Beatty keeping awhole of McPhail behind his kneees, gets him over onto his back for a minute, but not enough quite for a near fall. 9-4 final score.

Dan Erekson (Iowa) dec Ben Berhow (Minnesota) 3-2
- Not much action early on in this match. Both guys with attmpts, but neither getting much of a grip. Erekson had a great attempt at a double, got deep enough, but couldn't get a grip and Berhow slid out. No score in the first period. Berhow chooses down, Berhow out within 10 or 15 seconds. 1-0 Berhow. These guys are tying up more than Erekson might like. Several more shots from Erekson on the edge of the mat. Berhow finds his way out of bounds. Still 1-0 Berhow. Erekson is very much the agressor here. Second equipment time for Erekson as he's having a bit of trouble with his headgear. End of the second period, still 1-0. Erekson chooses down. Erekson building a base quickly, stands up, but gets knocked back down near the edge, restart. Again, Erekson up to his feet, slips out for the escape. 1-1 with about 90 seconds to go. erekson still looking strong, physically. He gets a great high crotch hold, gets Berhow off the ground, off balance and dropped for the takedown. 3-1 Erekson, then he releases Berhow. 3-2 Erekson, under a minute to go. Tied up. Berhow in on a single, Erekson trying ot fight it off. He's got a wizzer in. A lucky stale male call there, as Erekson was in trouble. Berhow trying make some shots, Erekson fighting it off well. Erekson with the win, 3-2.

Iowa vs Wyoming

Martinez (Wyoming) dec Krutsinger (Iowa) 6-4
- Charlie Falck is still recovering from an ankle injury suffered last weekend, and may be available to wrestle tomorrow as Iowa continues on in the tournament, but don't expect to see him today.

Dennis (Iowa) MD Cory VomBaur (Wyoming) 15-4
- Daniel Dennis was in complete control of this match all the way through. He started things off with a 5-0 first period, including 2:30 of riding time, and never gave up an offensive point.

Tsirtsis (Iowa) TF Cole Dallaserra (Wyoming) 17-1
- Tsirtsis immedaitely jumped on his offense, surging to a 10-1 lead after the first period, fueled by a pair of 3-point near falls via a leg turk. Tsirtsis chose the top position to begin the second period, and immediately went back to the turk, pulling him over a few more times before the tech fall came in the middle of the second period. Very busineslike, very agressive.

Metcalf (Iowa) FALL Chase Smith (Wyoming) 1:55
- Typical Metcalf match. A few early takedowns before he hit was was nearly a standing cradle, very strange. Pin came quickly, without much fuss.
IOWA - 15, WYOMING - 3

Matt Ballweg (Iowa) dec Brock Smith (Woyming) 7-1
- Matt Balweg came out and earned a takedown off a scramble situation in the first period, earning a three-point near fall as well, being EXTREMELY close to a fall. Ballweg intentionally released his obviously bigger opponent after the Wyoming wrestler was warned for stalling. 5-1 Iowa at the end of the first period. Throughout the second period, Ballweg continued to ride tough looking for various holds. Ballweg warned for stalling on top, for riding parallel. Same score at the end of the 2nd. Ballweg with a quick escape in the third. Slow dancing throughout most of the second period. Match ends 7-1 after riding time. Again, flashes of great wrestling from Ballweg, but especially in the third period.
IOWA - 18, WYOMING - 3

Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) MD Alex Reider (Wyoming, 18-5
- Ryan came out early with a quick takedown. Morningstar scored a two-point near fall before nearly getting defensively pinned, he bailed out though, giving up the reversal, making it 4-2. Morningstar then scores a reversal of his own, making it 6-2. Some great wrestling on the bottom by Morningstar, scrappy wrestling. Morningstar caught Reider rolling through on a Granby, and again scored a quick two near-fall to end the period, nearly putting his own shoulders on the mat. 8-2 to begin the second period. After giving up an escape, lots of push-pull. Neither man taking many shorts. 8-3 to begin the third. Ryan chooses down to begin the third. Riding time is very low. Another two-point reversal for Morningstar. This time after a standing reversal, rather than rolling on the mat. Ryan cuts him, 10-4 with about a minute to go. Ryan takes another shot that leads to a Bulgarian position that Ryan works through for another two-point takedown. 12-4. Ryan cuts him, 12-5 with 30 seconds to go. Ryan with a strong double-leg, to a quick cradle, but it's pretty loose with the close running down. Gets some back points, but no fall.
IOWA - 22, WYOMING - 3

Jake Kerr (Iowa) dec Shane Onufer (Wyoming) 6-3
- An early deep shot by each wrestler, both fought it off. Both guys making their attempts, but no score in the first period. Wyoming chooses down to begin the second. Onufer with a quick escape. Again, Kerr fights off a deep, deep double-leg shot. Both wrestlers looking a little gassed after expending so much energy with not much to show for it. A very, VERY quick takedown for Kerr at the very end of the second period. 2-1 Kerr to begin the third, Kerr chooses down. Kerr takes a poke to the eye, but quickly gets back in the match. Kerr gives up a tough takedown, but almost immediately Kerr gets the reversal. 5-3 Kerr with 30 seconds to go. Kerr really working hard to try and crank Onufer's arm over, can't get it secured, he'll win the match.
IOWA - 25, WYOMING - 3

Phil Keddy MD Joe LeBlanc (Wyoming), 17-5
- A quick takedown and a bit of riding for Keddy, unable to get much going from the top position. Keddy gives up an escape, but quickly gets hit opponent into the double underhooks, throws him to his back for a takedown and a three-point near fall. 7-1 lead for Keddy. On the double underhook, he had 'released' him, but never allowed his opponent out of his grip. He went from a grip around LeBlac's waist straight into underhooks. A great way to get that hold in when everyone and their grandma knows it's coming. Keddy chooses down to start the second period. A quick Keddy escape, 8-1 lead for Phil. Keddy counters a shot for another takedown, releases him. Another TD Keddy, 12-2. Keddy's scoring from various positions today, not just double-unders. Keddy releases. Another TD on a new offensive wrinkle, a big slam. 14-3 in the second period. Keddy releases LeBlanc to start the third period. Phil working for the underhooks, isn't quite there. LeBlanc is getting to Phil's legs occasionally, but can't get a grip or any leverage. Keddy with another takedown. 17-5 after riding time. LeBlanc was ranked #14
IOWA - 29, WYOMING - 3

Chad Beatty (Iowa) dec Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming) 3-1
- Welcome back, Chad Beatty. He's got a brace/neoprene wrap nearly the entire length of his left leg. It's huge. Not much action early on. Beatty finishes off a late single, elevates and gets the takedown just as the first period ends. Very reminiscent of the Beatty/Biondo match from last year. 2-0 going into the second, Hernandez picks down. Beatty riding tough, tossing hi opponent around. Beatty gives up an escape on the edge. 2-1 with a good amount of RT built up, just about a minute. Beatty looking pretty active, considering the layoff. A VERY quick escape in the third period for Beatty. Beatty's still taking shots, trying to get some insurance points. A flurry on the edge looks like it could have been a TD for Iowa, but not quite. Good action throughout the match, despite the low score. 3-1 win for Chad Beatty.
IOWA - 32, WYOMING - 3

Dan Erekson (Iowa) FALL Jacob Scharbrough (Wyoming), 0:55
- Wow. A quick takedown, then release. Erekson up 2-1. Erekson got a a whip over, head-over-heels for the much rounder Wyoming wrestler. Directly to his back, a few back points before Erekson adjusted and got the stick. Absolutely amazing display of leverage and balance on Erekson's part. Absolutely stunning, especially considering the 'size' of the opponent.
IOWA - 38, WYOMING - 3

Overall Thoughts: It's unclear how bad the injuries to Falck and Borschel are at this point. Borschel was working out on one of the practice mats with Tom Brands, according to Ironside and Grace, so he's at least in the building and close. It'll be interesting to see if Borschel goes in the second dual meet of the day. Minnesota does not have a ranked wrestler at 174 pounds, so there doesn't seem to be a pressing need to go with the #5-ranked Borschel. The headline match of the Iowa/Minnesota dual is going to be at 133 pounds, with #4-ranked Jayson Ness taking on #5-ranked Daniel Dennis. Tsirtsis will also have a good test with #8 Mike Thorn. That dual meet kicks off at 1:00 Central. There will be updates available here, as well as on the Wrestling forum.

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