Dewitt's Kreiter Visits Iowa City

Dewitt's Casey Kreiter has shown a proficiency for long snapping. That's a skill that might not get you on the front page of the media guide, but it's one of the most valuable functions on a football team. Iowa took notice of his abilities in this area, and he visited Iowa City this past weekend...

Dewitt, Iowa's Casey Kreiter has grown up following the Minnesota Golden Gophers, just don't hold that against him.  He comes by his Gopher roots honestly.

"My mother is from Minnesota," Kreiter said. "She kind of got me into being a Gopher fan growing up. I would go to Iowa games with my friend who had season tickets. At the Iowa-Iowa State game, I would root for the Hawkeyes. But I was never really a hardcore Iowa fan."

The recruiting trail for Kreiter brought him to Iowa City this past weekend. He was there among a throng of visitors, many that were offered scholarships.  He never felt any less important than anyone else in attendance.

"I had a great time there (Iowa City)," Casey stated. "Everyone there is so friendly. From what Coach (Reese) Morgan had told me, I was the only walk-on that had an official visit this weekend."

As of right now, Casey has not been offered a scholarship. But, he was told by Coach Morgan that he definitely has a spot on the team as a long snapper.  It's not a bad position as far as job security goes; if you do well at it, you are guaranteed to see the field. Few may know your name if you master your craft, but you serve a very important role. Kreiter knows full well the expectations of the position and the importance.

"I am being recruited as a long snapper at Iowa, yes." Kreiter said. "I would have the chance to work my way into playing linebacker. Just having the ability to play long snapper will get you on the team and you work your way into it (playing time)."

  Casey has also heard from Northern Iowa. He mentions that the coaches there like to recruit late. At the present time, they are looking at other players on their recruiting list. However, if something opens up they may offer Kreiter. But from the sounds of it, the Panthers might be on the outside looking in.

  "I have a great feeling about Iowa." Casey said. "I just had a great feeling about being there (Iowa City). I told my parents that there was just something about being there with the players, on that campus. I cannot really describe it, but I felt at home there."

  As is the case for several other visitors, Kreiter spoke very highly of the coaching staff in Iowa City.

"My dad (Kurt) is the football coach at my high school." Casey stated. "He told me that Coach Morgan is a very honest guy. All the coaches there are forward with you and very nice. If you are going to play, they are going to tell you right away. And you are going to have to work hard in the weight room."  

There is no real time table that Kreiter has set for himself. However, with the feeling of being in Iowa City still fresh on his mind, it might not take long.

  "I am going to let the dust settle for a week." He said. "If this feeling is still there, I will know for sure that is the place I want to be."

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