Nolan MacMillan Commits to Iowa

The Iowa Hawkeyes picked up their 6th commitment in the past 5 days on Thursday morning when Nolan MacMillan of The Hun School pledged to the Hawkeye coaching staff. had a chance to speak with his coach Dave Dudeck and has the latest...

Q: What kind of player is Iowa getting?

Dave Dudeck: I think he is an all around player. As a lineman, he has all the qualities that go into a great player. He has a great attitude, he works his tail off in practice each day as well as in games. He has great feet, great power, he finishes plays off. He will block through the whistle, he goes downfield and looks for people to hit. He has great size, and he is still a young kid and he is 6-6 and just about 290.

Q: Why do you think he settled on Iowa? He had several offers from some excellent schools in addition to his Iowa offer.

Dudeck: I truly think the final four that Nolan had it down to was GT, UVA, BC and Iowa. So they were all great schools and all four schools did a great job of recruiting him. But I will say that Iowa was phenomenal from day one with Nolan. Darrell Wilson recruits this area, he just did a great job. He is a coach that knows who to communicate with the kids, he and Coach Ferentz knew that Nolan was a big time recruit and had a ton of offers and they were patient with Nolan and supportive, and let Nolan take his visits without pressing him. They were always there for him, and little by little as the process took care of itself, Nolan weighed the pros and cons of each place and by the end he found his heart going more and more with Iowa and the coaching staff, players and everything at Iowa. He felt that was the place that he fit the best.

Q: The Iowa staff has been to your school before, so it wasn't like those were new faces beating down a path to The Hun School.

Dudeck: Yes, coach has been to our school several times in the past. He was here for two of our players I can remember off the top of my head, one was Myron Rolle and Shay McKeen. Both times, Darrell Wilson was the coach that was here, he has been recruiting here for years. He brought Coach Ferentz out and I grew more impressed. Coach Ferentz is a phenomenal coach, he is a class act. I always wanted to see if we could get one of our kids to Iowa and play for him because he is such a good coach and a classy guy.

Q: Talk about your program a little, as your school has a great reputation academically and in the classroom.

Dudeck: We are real proud of our school. It's an academics first school. You are challenged first as a student, then socially to become a good human being with good character. You are challenged on the football field All of those things together is kind of why the colleges keep coming back here. Once the kids get to college, not only are they great players, but socially they have great character and stay out of trouble. Academically they do very well. In the last 10 years we have sent 77 kids to play football to 1-A or 1-AA, so we have done pretty well. This year we will send seven kids to 1-A, and one kid to the Ivy League. I think one to Michigan, Notre Dame, North Carolina State, Navy, Stanford, Iowa, UConn and one to Brown.

Q: Did it help Iowa's chances any with Nolan that you had a prior relationship with the staff, and now that Iowa has landed one of your players, do you think that opens the door for future players from your school to seriously consider Iowa?

Dudeck: I liked those guys from the start. It would have always been a pleasure to send someone out there. Like I said, I am very impressed with Coach Ferentz and what he does, the whole program out there. Obviously when they take one of our kids, it tightens the relationship that much more. Darrell and I have been trying for several years now and it took the right kid, who was the right fit for them and the right fit for the kid. Nolan was that kid. I am psyched. I think they got a great player. I was lucky enough to coach in that All American Bowl last month, so I got to work with a lot of those kids that are identified as the better kids in the country, and I will say that Nolan is right with those kids. He may not have the press, he is from Canada and all and I think he might not have gotten the exposure, but he can play.

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