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Anthony Tucker was ruled academically ineligible for the second semester last month. The Iowa freshman spoke publicly for the first time about the punishment, the appeal process and what caused his failure to make grades. Read the entire interview transcript right here at

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Anthony Tucker: That's what I do now. I lift four times a week. I do individual workouts with Coach (LaVall) Jordan and try to do my best in practice to get the team ready.

What can you do differently to be eligible next year that you didn‘t that you didn‘t this year? Assuming you're staying. I assume you‘re staying.

AT: Yeah. I am. Just working harder in the beginning of the semester. It kind of got tough towards the end with being sick and stuff. But if I would have worked a little harder in the beginning it wouldn't have been an issue. So, just making sure I stay focused from the beginning.

Did you try to appeal because you were sick and weren‘t able to study quite as hard?

AT: That was part of it, yeah. I kind of got a surprise at the end of the semester with one of my grades. That's kind of what the appear process was about, making sure the grade was right and stuff. The process is still actually going on. So, I should no pretty soon. It won't really have any bearing on this season. It's just kind of a personal thing for my GPA and stuff.

Is this one of those things where you were away from home for the first time and it was tough to stay focused? Not to make excuses, but was that part of it, you think?

AT: No. I think it was just kind of a lack of focus at the beginning of the semester. Like I said, I kind of got surprised at the end. So, I just have to work harder to make sure I don't put myself in this situation. It's going to happen. Sometimes students and teachers disagree on grades. But if I would have looked a little bit harder, I wouldn't be in this situation.

When you say surprised, you mean you thought that you had gotten a different grade or were you told you got a different grade or…?

AT: Just from the last grade report I saw to when the final grades came out there was about a letter grade and a half difference. And there wasn‘t much work after the time that I saw my grade. So, there‘s just a little bit of a dispute on some of the factors that went into the grade. But like I said, I can‘t make any excuses and I just need to work harder.

Can you get this semester back, somehow, someway?

AT: No. It's gone. It's a good lesson for me knowing that had I worked harder that I wouldn't be in this situation. I think more than anything it will just be a wakeup call.

How are you feeling physically right now?

AT: I feel fine. I've actually gained some weight since I started lifting four times a week. I'm actually up to 203 pounds from 195, which is good. I feel great physically. I'm going to continue to practice hard until the season is over.

Are you pretty much on the scout team; you‘re the scoring threat; here‘s what you do; that kind of thing?

AT: Yeah, that's pretty much what I do; try to get the guys ready; try to simulate some of the things that they'll go through in the games and just do my best to get them ready.

Was there ever any thought that you might not be back; that you may have just taken off at the semester?

AT: No. As long as the coaching staff wants me here, I want to be here. I know I've had a rocky start. But the coaches and the players have been really supportive and this is where I want to be.

You might still be second on the team in three-point field goals made. How frustrating is it knowing that you could help this team and you‘re not capable right now?

AT: It's more frustrating to me that I feel like I've left my teammates down, my coaches down. The guys are doing their best. We don't have a plethora of great shooters, but we do have a lot of guys that are great at a lot of other things and do their best to make plays. It's just been frustrating knowing that I've let some people down.

It seems that with them allowing you to sit on the bench during games that they still want you to be plugged in. Is that something that was discussed or was it your option?

AT: I think it's just expected. I'm still on the team. I'm still a member of the team. I still need to continue to be supportive and do whatever I can to make the team better because I still am an active member of the team.

I noticed you haven‘t been on the bench for all the games. Do you have other responsibilities, academic or otherwise, that take precedence over basketball right now?

AT: Yeah, I'm actually not excused from class anymore for games. That was the case for the Michigan State game. I have a Thursday class so I wasn't able to make it.

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