Peterson Held Out of Practice This Week

Jeff Peterson spoke Thursday about his rehab from a strained hamstring. He talks about his chances to return for Sunday's game against Michigan and what might be ahead for him. Read all about it in this interview.

Q: What's you status?

Jeff Peterson: I'm just doing rehab, going through that pretty strong. I hope to be back by Sunday.

Q: Is there still a good chance for that?

JP: There's still a chance. I don't know how good it is right now. Hamstrings are a little tricky. You feel good one moment and then the next it's pretty sore.

Q: Is it tricky, too, because you don't want to go out there and make it worse?

JP: Yeah, I had a hamstring injury this summer. I didn't play PTL. I tried to come back too soon and it was pulled again.

Q: Is this the same hamstring?

JP: No, it's the other one.

Q: How long did it take you to get over the one from the summer?

JP: I played like one PTL game. Pretty much the whole summer I just rested it.

Q: Are you able to jog?

JP: They haven't cleared me. I've just been doing the bike.

Q: So, when you're just walking do you feel it?

JP: Sometimes more than others. Today has been pretty good; not really any pain today/ I've just been walking.

Q: What is your rehab routine?

JP: I stretch a lot. Strief will massage it. I do some ultrasound. I do a lot of core work and try to strengthen the muscles around it. Then Cyrus and I will go to the pool every day or whatever; do a lot in the pool.

Q: Has Jake talked to you at all on maybe picking up some pointers or some hints on playing the point?

JP: Not really. He's doing well. I just try to continue to boost his confidence. The Purdue game he did well, especially how much he played.

Q: Have you ever been on a team that's been so decimated by injury?

JP: Not to this degree, I don't think.

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